6th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Company A Roster

ADKINS, D. J. Private

ADKINSON, Nathan A. Was born October 12, 1840. He enlisted in Virginia in April 1862 and continued until paroled at Danville, Virginia in May 1865. Coffee County, Alabama 1907 Census shows his residence as New Brockton, Coffee County Alabama.

ADKISON, Jasper Private

ADKISON, John Private

ADKISON, Newton Private

ATKINSON, Reuben A. (Jr. 2nd Lieutenant, Company A & B, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Born the son of John and Jane Atkinson of Henry County Alabama and is buried at Judson Baptist Church Cemetery, northwest of Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. no dates. In Orphans Record Book 0, Pages 88 and 89, his estate was settled on March 7, 1864. It is believed that he either died in the Confederate Army or was killed in the war. - He had a wife and several minor children when his estate was settled but they were not named.. His marriage was not recorded in Henry County.

ALFORD, Preston G. Private Born November 17, 1840 son of Wiley and Clarissa Alford. Died September 30, 1890 and buried City Cemetery, Columbia, Houston County, Alabama.

ALLEN, Daniel S. Private

ALLEN, Mathew Tolbert, Private. Enlisted March 1862, Columbia, Henry County, Alabama. He was born June 20, 1829 in Georgia and died May 31, 1862 at the battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks, Virginia. Burial is at an unknown location near Seven Pines Virginia or in an unmarked grave in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia. His parents were Henry Allen (South Carolina) and Elizabeth Sullivan (Georgia). He married Francis Mourning Blackshear who was born in Henry County Alabama on January 6, 1853 in Henry County Alabama. Mathew and Francis lived near what is now Haleburg Alabama next door to Francis' father, Randal Blackshear. Children born to this union were Sarah Catherine Allen (October 20,1854), William Tolbert "Bill" Allen (February 20, 1856), Easter Analissa "Malissa" Allen (July 24, 1858), James David "Jimmie" Allen (October 25, 1860), and Martha Ella Allen (December 7, 1862) Martha was born after the death of Mathew and he never saw her. Francis filed for a widow's pension at the time of Mathew's death. The Pension was confirmed after her death in March 1865, but the war was lost and the children received no money.

ARCHER, William Private

ARMSTRONG, Augustus M. Private

ARMSTRONG, George W. 1st Lieutenant

ARNOLD, Marcus Private

AST, Robert B. Private

ATKINSON, Reuben A, Henry County, Commander

ATWELL, Edward Private

ATWELL, Eli Private

BABB, M. Private

BAILY, William (Private, Company A or B, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Listed pay cards as Company B. Died June 20 1862 and listed as Company A, at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia. (Cemetery Roster)

BAKER, John (Private, Company A & B, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Listed pay cards as Company B. Died May 4, 1862 and listed as Company A, at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia. (Cemetery Roster)

BEARD, Edward F. Private

BELL, H. W. Private

BELL, James M. Private

BELL, Thomas H., Henry County, Captain, Killed In Action, Seven Pines Virginia, May 31, 1862. Excerpt from General Rodes Report: "The right company of the Sixth Alabama was thrown back at right angles to the line of battle by Colonel Gordon to protect his rear, and engaged the enemy at such close quarters that its brave commander, Captain Bell, after having fallen wounded mortally, was able to use his revolver with effect upon the enemy. "Head stone marked Company A but served first in companies L and K; wounded Seven Pines May 31, 1862, died Jun 10, 1862; w. Permelia; buried City Cemetery, Columbia, Houston County, Alabama

BELSER, Arvin R. Sergeant

BELSER, Harrison Private

BENNETT, John B. Private

BENNETT, Martin G. Private

BENTON, Mathew Private

BEVEL, Henry Private

BEVELL (Bevel), William D., (Private, Buried Lynchburg Virginia, Old City Cemetery Confederate Section

BINE, Malcom Private

BINE, William W. Private

BISHOP, Augustus W. Private

BLANCET, James Private

BLANCET, John Private

BOON, James M. Private

BOONE, J. A. Private

BOWLES, John Private

BOWLES, Nicholas A. Private

BOWLES, William Private

BOYD, Dorsan B. Private

BOYD, Randolph, (Private, He was born the son of Hugh W. Boyd and Elizabeth Blackshear in Henry County Alabama 1842. Captured at Gettysburg, Arrived at Fort Delaware on July 5, 1963. Died of Typhoid fever on November 30, 1863 and buried at Point Finn New Jersey.

BOZE, W. J. Private

BRICE, Wm. W. Private

BROWN, James Private

BROWN, Thomas Private

BROWN, Willis Private

BRUNER, A. Private

BRYAN, Cornelius A. Private

BRYAN, James C. 2nd Lieutenant

BRYAN, Milton W. Private, Killed Seven Pines May 31, 1862; buried City Cemetery, Columbia, Houston County, Alabama.

BUCKALOVE, Jesse D. Private, Jesse D. Buckaloo?

BUIE, James A. Private, Born February 19, 1832; Married Frances G., 1844-1917. Died January 30, 1907 and buried Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, east of Ashford, Houston County Alabama.

BUIE, Malcom Private

BUIE, William W. Private

BUTLER, George W. Private

BUTLER, Jackson Corporal

BUTLER, John Private

BUTLER, Thomas - Private Buried Lynchburg Virginia, Old City Cemetery Confederate Section

CAGLE, W. Private

CALLOWAY, Elijah H. Private

CARRIGAN, Owen, Private, Prisoner at Fort Delaware. Died March 26, 1864 and buried at Point Finn New Jersey.

CARTER, Mathew C.

CARTER, L. S. Private

CARTER, Nathan T. Private

CARTER, Zephemiah John Private . Zephaniah John Carter born March 2, 1929 in Macon, Georgia the son of Jake and Elizabeth Carter. Married September 23, 1858 in Camp Springs, Henry County, Alabama to Sarah H. Barnett who was born January 17, 1858. They lived near Haleburg Henry County Alabama until 1880 when they moved to White County Arkansas and from there to Erath County Texas in 1889. Children all born in Henry County Alabama. Emma b. 1859; Jim b. 1860; Zephemiah John "Jack" b. 1862; Jacob b. 1867; Joshia b. 1869; Benjamin Nolen b. 1876 and Oscar b. 1877. Sarah died in 1913 in Clairette, Texas. Zephaniah died April 24, 1923 in Clairette, Texas. "Henry's Heritage" Vol 1, page 34

Jake, as he was commonly called, moved from Bibb County to Steward County at the age of 5 or 6 years. As a young man he and Henry Spears cleared the public square in Preston, Webster County, Georgia, for the building of that town's first courthouse. In 1856, at the age of 27 he moved to Henry County, Alabama and remained there 23 years.

He married Miss Sarah Barnett in the home of Mr. Armstrong above Camp Springs, Henry County, Alabama. He enlisted as a Private in the Confederate States Army on March 5, 1862 and was assigned to Company "A", 6th Alabama Regiment at Columbia, Alabama under the command of Captain Thomas Bell. Under Colonel John B. Gordon, the company was transported by train from Columbia, Alabama through Tennessee to Richmond Virginia, and then on to the Orange Courthouse. Met Joe Johnson and marched out to Yorktown, retreated to Chickahominy River, and then on to Seven Pines.

It was at Seven Pines where a majority of the company died in fierce battle. Powers was promoted to Captain at Fair Oaks. General Johnson was wounded and General Robert E. Lee was put in his place. Captain Powers was later wounded and Beudehitty was promoted to Lieutenant.

Fought at Chancellorsville with Jackson's Division, Wilderness with Lee and Jackson's Division, Seven Day Campaign, and Winchester with Lee and Early's Division, Strasburg, Fisher's Hill, Petersburg and the Siege of Richmond with Jackson and Early's Division.

Jake took sick at Gettysburg and received a 30-day furlough from the Confederate Hospital at Richmond.

Served in Rhodes Brigade until Rhodes was killed. Witnessed the loss of John Gordon during the charge at Fort Stedman. He was wounded three times in the course of the war and after being wounded was captured at Petersburg. Jake was held at Point Lookout, Maryland until the close of the war. He took the Oath of Loyalty at Point Lookout and was released. Was to be packed off to Mobil, but a disabled ship caused hid return to Point Lookout. He was sent to Washington, where he again took the Oath of Loyalty. Went by railroad around through West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Georgia, and finally Eufaula, Alabama. On July 12, 1865, he walked the 40 miles from Eufaula, Alabama to his home near Columbia.

Jake moved form Henry County, Alabama to White County, Arkansas in the winter of 1881. Then on to Erath County, Texas in 1888. Zephaniah and Sarah are buried at the Clairette Cemetery, Clairette, Texas.

CASSADY, Michael (Private, Company A&K, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

CAWTHON, William W. Private

CHAMBERS, Thomas J. Private

CHANCY, Masden Private

CHITTY, Benjamin J. 3rd Lieutenant

CLARK, William H. Private

CLEMENTS, Joseph J. Private Born January 10, 1845, Married Susan M., 1842-1927. Died November 16, 1918 and buried Clark Cemetery, Dothan, Houston County Alabama.

CLEMONS, Jefferson N. Private

CLEMONS, Joseph J. Private

CLEMONS, Samuel Private

COBB, Elisha H. Private Born June 16, 1832 and died October 4, 1908; buried Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Opp Covington County Alabama.

COBB, J. M. Private

COBB, Lacey R. Private

COBB, Union L. or D. Private

COCK, W. Z. 2nd Lieutenant

COE, John D. Sergeant

COE, John J. Private

COLEMAN, J. E. 1st Sergeant

COLEMAN, Joseph J. Sergeant

CONLY, William Private

CONNELL, William H., Private Born December 25, 1817, probably in Hancock County, Georgia. William was living in Autauga County Alabama at the time of his enlistment. He was wounded 9 May 1863 and admitted to General Hospital at Camp Winder, Richmond Virginia. He was transferred to the hospital at Lynchburg Virginia on May 15, 1863. The reason for admittance is very difficult to read but looks to be Veel:Sclo:, or Vul:Sclo. He was married to Sarah Ann Miller and they had the following children. William F. Connell, Margaret Emily Connell, Thomas M. Connell, James William Connell, Pharity C. Connell, Rebecca Ann Connell, Sarah Ann Connell, and Elijah Benjamin Connell. William died on June 23, 1892 in Autauga County, Alabama and was buried in Chestnut Creek Baptist Cemetery in Chilton County, Alabama.

COOK, James Private

COTTER, Edward W. Private

CRAWFORD, James Huey, Private Son of James L. Crawford of Henry County Alabama and this company. Grandson, David Crawford david.crawford@cplc.com

CRAWFORD, James L. Private Father of James Huey and William Crawford of this company

CRAWFORD, William Private Son of James L. Crawford of Henry County Alabama and this company.

CREAMER, George W. Private

CREAMER, Joel Private, Company A&L, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

CREECH, W. H. Private


CULVER, Isaac Franklin (Colonel, Company A & B & F, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

CURRY, Shemuel S. Private Born Nov 6, 1832 the son of James and Annie Curry. He was wounded at Seven Pines Virginia and died at home while on wounded furlough on August 18, 1862. He was married to Matilda Ward. He is buried in City Cemetery, Abbeville Henry County Alabama.

DAVIS, Elnathan F. 2nd Lieutenant

DAVIS, John T. Private

DAVISON, Allen Private

DAVISON, John T. Private

DAY, Henry Private

DAY, William H. Private



DENNIS, Daniel Private

DICKENS, Joel Private

DICKEY, John W. A. (Private, Company E, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)


EAST, J. Private

ELLIOTT, William Private

ELLIS, Sovereign W. Jackson 1ST Sergeant His father, Ephriam Ellis, owned land that was in both now Houston County Alabama and now Jackson County Florida. It was in the area just north of Campbellton. S. W. J. was the census taker on the 1850 Henry County Alabama census? He enlisted at Corinth, Mississippi on 4 June 1861. He was wounded at Sharpsburg /Antietam, Maryland and died in Richmond, Virginia on 29 April 1862.

EVANS, John C., Henry County, Private, was captured at Gettysburg July 3, 1863 and arrived at Fort Delaware on July 5, 1863. He died September 29, 1863 and is buried at the Finn's Point National Cemetery, Salem New Jersey.

EVANS, Julius H., Henry County, Private, Julius D, Evans was 17 when he enlisted at Columbia Henry County Alabama. He had been studying the Law in Henry County as a clerk. He was captured May 13, 1862 at Fair Oaks and imprisoned at Fort Delaware. He died there June 28, 1862 and is buried at Finn's Point National Cemetery, Salem New Jersey. Julius was 5'8" with black hair and dark eyes. His father Daniel B. Evans was paid $69.56 by the Office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department.

EVANS, Thomas D, Henry County Private, Thomas D. Evans born July 18, 1826 in Henry County Alabama. He enlisted at Columbia Henry County Alabama on March 5, 1862. His record says he was wounded but doesn't say what kind of wound, when or what battle. He served as a nurse at the General Hospital Farmville, Virginia during part of 1863. He was captured May 5, 1864 at Spotsylvania Virginia and exchanged November 1, 1864. He died August 12, 1902 in Henry County Alabama.

FERRELL, R. A. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

FERRY, H. B. Private

FRANCK, Thomas. A. Private He was born 1844 in Henry County Alabama. Enlisted as a private in 1861 in Abbeville, Henry County Alabama and continued to January 1865. He was wounded a Winchester Virginia, was furloughed to return home to mend and he was at home when the war ended. He was living at Abbeville, Henry County Alabama in the 1907 Confederate Census.

FOWLER, L. Private

GEROD, J. A. Private

GOODE, Hugh M. Private

GORDON, Agustus Manley. Captain, Wounded, Seven Pines Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel Company I December 20, 1864. Agustus died at Chancellorsville on August 24, 1862. He was the son of Captain Alexander C. Gordon and Evelyn T. Hudspeth. He is buried at City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. Contributed by Homer Jones CWBSLocator@webtv.net

GORDON, Alexander C. (1811-1887) Captain, Company Commander From May 6, 1861 - resigned, 21 November 1861. Served as Captain of Company E 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment while recruiting the company, served out the war as Private/Captain "Henry Mounted Rebels", Blair's Battalion Alabama Reserves. Veteran of Mexican/ Civil War. Alexander was married to Evelyn T. Hudspeth, (1813-1881.) He is buried at City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama.

GOULD, H. M. Private

GRACE, T. B. Private

GRACE, William L. or S. Private

GRIFFIN, John T. Private

GRIFFIN, Nathan Sergeant

GRIFFIN, Robert D. Private

HAIL, M. Private

HALL, George W. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HALL, James W. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HALL, Samuel J. (Corporal, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HALL, William R. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HALTON, Andrew J.

HAMM, P. Private

HANCOCK, Jesse B. (2nd Lieutenant, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HARDIN, M.D. Private

HARDWICK, Adam T. J. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Died of a fever at Sangster Crossroads Virginia and was buried there on August 25, 1861

HARPER, Benjamin H. - Private, Buried Lynchburg Virginia, Old City Cemetery Confederate Section

HARPER, Luther M. Private Sgt.

HARRELL, J. H. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HART, William A. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HAYDE, J.C. Corporal

HAYS, James A. Corporal

HENDERSON, John F. (Sergeant, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HENDERSON, William B. (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HERNDON, George W. (Private, New Company A & New Company K, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HINES, William (Private, New Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

HOWARD, John R. Private

HOWARD, Joseph J. Private, Prisoner at Fort Delaware. Died 8/6/63 and buried at Point Finn New Jersey.

HUDSON, J. Private

HUGHES, Jackson J. Private Believed to be Andrew Jackson Hughes born in Georgia the son of William A. Hughes of North Carolina and Pricilla Ann Davis the daughter of Nathan Davis and Mary Campbell Carr.

IRWIN, John I. Private

JACKSON, Simeon Private

JACKSON, Wade Private

JOHNSON, Arrin G. Private

JOHNSON, Joshua Private

JOHNSON, L. R. Private

JOHNSON, Leonidas W. Private

JOHNSTON, E.I. Captain

JONES, Aaron J. Private

JONES, Ira G. Private

JONES, James W. Private

JONES, John J. Sergeant

JONES, Joseph P. Private

JONES, Seaborn J. Private

JONES, Wesley, Private, detached Brigade Blacksmith, Surrendered at Appomattox

JONES, William S. Private

KEEL, William A. Private William was the son of John Keels, b. 1785 Prince Fredrick Maryland and died 23 December 1853 in Henry County Alabama. Williams mother was Courtney Jackson born 1793 in North Carolina died after the 1850 census. His parents were married in 1810 in Sumter County South Carolina. William A. Keels was born the 4th child in 1836 in Sumter County South Carolina and he married Mary and had the following issue, James and Sara. Alabama State Archives indicate that Mary filed a death claim 23 February 1863, but does not indicate a resolution. His siblings were: Issac J. Keels born 1824 in Sumter County South Carolina and died 1886 in Houston County Texas; John Keels Jr. born 1831 in Sumter County South Carolina and died 4 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania; Mary E. Keels born 1833 in Sumter County South Carolina and died after 1880 in Texas; Hester Anne Keels, my ggGrandmother was born 1836 Sumter County South Carolina and married Rueben H. Wright of Henry County Alabama on 31 March 1859. She died 9 September 1925 in Trinity County Texas.

KING, Elijah Sergeant

KING, William Rufus Private Born January 1, 1834 - Died February 29, 1923; Married Caroline, 1838 - 1923; buried Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, southwest of Columbia, Houston County, Alabama.

KIRKLAND, Aaron Private Believed to be the Aaron Kirkland that married Jane Kirkland the daughter of Joshiah Kirkland and Cynthia Hutto. Aaron was killed in the war in 1864. "Henry's Heritage" Vol 1, page 18-19

KIRKLAND, William R. Private

KNIGHT, Bluford Private

KNOP, L. B. Private

KOONCE, Jefferson S. (Private, Company A & B, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

LANE, W. H. C. Private

LEFLAN, Thomas Private

LIGHTFOOT, James Newell Officer (promoted to Company "A" Commander November 21, 1861)

LIGHTFOOT, Thomas Reese Officer (KIA, Winchester)

LOCK, James A. Private

LOFTLIN, William Private

LONG, James Private

LOTT, John A. Private

MACHEN, J. H. Private

MAHONEY, C. J. Private


MARTIN, J. G. Private

MARTIN, J. J. Private,

MARTIN, James J. Private,

MAULDING, John Private,

MCALLISTER, Angus Private

MCALLISTER, Thomas Hunter Commissary

McCARTER, Benjamin L. 1st Lieutenant

McCORMICK, William W. Private

McDONALD, J. Private

McDONALD, Pleasant H. Private Pleasant H. McDonald was born November 14, 1839 in Georgia the son of James and Mary Ann McDonald of Henry and Dale County Alabama. They lost several sons in the war. He enlisted on the original Columbia Roster in 1861 as a Private. He was killed in action on May 31, 1862 at the Battle of Seven Pines near Richmond, Virginia.

McENTISH, J. M. S. Private

McGRIFF, Thomas P. Corporal

McMATH, P. M. S. Private

McNEALY, William Private

MERCER, William H. Private

MITCHELL, Josiah Private

MONROE, Daniel C. Sr. 2nd Lieutenant

MORRIS, John F. Private

MOSS, William Private

MURPHEY, James J. Private

NELSON, J. E. Private

NEWBERRY, John Private

NEWSOM(e), Daniel A. (Sergeant, Company A & K, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)


OATES, John Alva 2nd Lieutenant, brother of Governor William Calvin Oates. He first volunteered as a Private in Captain Gordon's Company called the "Henry Grays" of the Sixth Alabama Infantry, in May, 1861. He left the 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment in November of 1862 with the rank of Second Lieutenant. He transferred the following November to the 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment Company G to be with his brother the Captain the future Governor of Alabama. He was elected third lieutenant early in March 1862, and had been regularly promoted to first lieutenant.

O'CONNER, Daniel Corporal

ODOM, Darling D. Private

ODOM, William H. Private

OWENS, W. H. T. Lieutenant

PALMER, Lewis Private

PARISH, Ephraim E. Private

PARISH, James T. Private



PETERMAN, Thomas M. (Private, Company K, 6th, Alabama Infantry Regiment) Surrender at Appomattox

PETERMAN, William G. Private

PHILLIPS, G. Private

PITTMAN, George W., Henry County, Private , George W. Pittman was born Feb. 25, 1840 in Henry County Alabama to Timothy and Margaret Evans Pittman. He enlisted at Columbia Alabama March 5, 1862 along with his Evans cousins. He was wounded in the thigh on July 8, 1862 and returned to duty September 10, 1862. He was captured at Spotsylvania May 5, 1864 and exchanged February 13, 1865. He married Dicie Odum in Henry Co. Sept. 10, 1868 and died Apr. 23, 1892 and is buried in Gordon City Cemetery, Houston County, Alabama

PRICE, Ervin M., Officer (resigned, 21 Oct 62)

PRICE, Jon Edward, Assistant Surgeon Captain, He enlisted as a Private in May and was promoted to Surgeon Captain by President Davis. Dr. Price showed up in Abbeville Alabama circa 1845, He served in the Sixth Alabama but was ordered by a Medical board to resign because of his heart. He then enlisted in the Henry Mounted Rebels 1 January1863 and served for the war. He was the units' doctor because his occupation was a practicing physician listed on the Henry Mounted Rebel Roster. He was one of the pioneer doctors in Henry County, he is listed on the Henry Historical Registrar as one. He died 26 March 1898, he sat down on the porch of a local business and had a heart attack and died.

POUNCY, J. F. (Private in Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment). Born February 7,1847, Died December 15,1920, Buried Providence Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Hwy 84, Clayhatchie

POWERS, Asbury Fletcher, (Captain, Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry) Dr. Asbury Fletcher Powers was born 8 January 1829 Blakely, Georgia. He enlisted December 1862 with Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment. This unit was organized at Columbia, Alabama and was first known as the "Columbia Blues'. Dr. Powers was educated in dentistry before the war and practiced in Blakely after the war. The colors of this company were folded at Appomatox under Lieutenant Colonel Culver. The first Captain T. T. Smith resigned and Thomas Bell was then made Captain. Captain Bell was killed during the Battle of Seven Pines. Dr. Powers was then made Captain serving until the end of the war. He was Captain of this company longer than any other man. He was severely wounded about the mouth and chin and his lower teeth were shot out. He retired in June 1864. Dr. Power's brother, Edward Short Powers served the duration of the war as First Sergeant in the 46th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He was captured at Vicksburg after being severely wounded.

POWERS, C. W. - Private, Buried Lynchburg Virginia, Old City Cemetery Confederate Section

POWERS, William M. Private

RABON, Simeon Corporal

RAYLMUE, E. Corporal

REGISTER, E. A. Private

REGISTER, John S. Private

ROBERTS, George McIntosh Troup (Private, Company A & B 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) (March 24, 1834 - April 18, 1907) He was born March 24, 1834, in Warren County, Georgia to Burch M. Roberts and Harriett W. Hardwick. He married Sarah A. Ayers (1837-1927) December 2, 1856 and was a resident of Shorterville, Alabama. He first enlisted at Abbeville, Alabama on May 11, 1861 as Private in Company A 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment (Henry Greys). He served at the battles of 1st Manassas and Seven Pines. He completed his one-year enlistment and was discharged near Richmond Virginia in July 1862. He returned home to Henry County Alabama and served as a Lieutenant in the Home Guards from July 1862 to July 1863. He reenlisted in the army at Abbeville, Alabama in July 1863 as a Private in Company E 6th Alabama Cavalry Regiment "Henry Mounted Rebels". He was captured near Pensacola, Florida in March 1865: He was paroled at Vicksburg on May 17, 1865. His children are: William Burch Roberts (1853), H J Roberts (1862), M E Roberts (1868), B J Roberts (1875), O K Roberts (1875), L E Roberts (1878). They are buried at Union Grove Cemetery, south of Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama.

SASSER, Lewis H., Henry County, Private , born 1825 North Carolina,

SATCHERS, Jeremiah Private

SELLERS, Mathew Private

SELLERS, Thomas Private

SELLISON, F. Private

SHEDRACK, J. D. - Private, Buried Lynchburg Virginia, Old City Cemetery Confederate Section

SHAMBLEY, William Private

SHEFFIELD, Walter T. C. Private


SINGLETARY, William H. Private

SINGLETON, J. S. Private

SKINNER, Evander Private

SKINNER, John N. Private

SMITH, Bartlett A. Sergeant

SMITH, Bartlett A. II Sergeant

SMITH, Thomas Tipton (Captain, Company A, 6th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment) November 18, 1819 - February 10, 1886.

SMITH, Richard L. Private

SMITH, Thomas T. Captain

SMITH, William H. Private

SOLOMON, Ludwig S. Sergeant

SOLOMON, Marcus J. 1st Sergeant

SPANN, Bartlett S. 1st Lieutenant

STANTON, T. D. 2nd Lieutenant

STANTON, Washington L. Private

STRICKLAND, Green B. Private

STRINGER, Florida V. Private

TENDELL, W. T. Private

THOMAS, Charles S. (Private, Company A & L, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

THOMAS, Peter F. Private

THOMPSON, Robert H. W. Private

THURMOND, John B. Private

TOWER, J. R. Private

TRAWICK, George J. (Private, Company A & B 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

TRAWICK, Francis Dee N., son of George Nelson Trawick and Nancy Galloway was born 15 February 1835 in Henry County, Alabama. Francis settled land near his father's in Henry County, obtaining patents for 80 acres of land in 1851 in Township 7 North, Range 27 East. Francis enlisted in the 6th Alabama Infantry during the Civil War and was at the battle of Appomattox. The George Nelson Trawick family was hit very hard by the war. Of the seven boys that served, only three returned home. Francis' brothers, Henry J., William W., John W., and George N. all died in the war. On February 4, 1864, Francis married Malinda A. Parish, daughter of Levi Parish and his wife whose given name is unknown, but maiden name was Robertson. This marriage occurred in Henry County, Alabama and to this marriage, twelve children were born. They are: Francis Marion, Levi Jefferson, Hattie, Lula A. James Henry, Robert O., George Angus, Thomas Emmet, Walter Tallis, William Joseph, Lillie May, and Lenora. Francis died on 12 February 1915. Malinda passed away 12 Nov 1922. and they are at buried Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, north of Malvern, Geneva County, Alabama.

TRAWICK, Thomas A. (Private, Company A & B 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Born February 2, 1844 - 1926; son of George Nelson Trawick and Nancy Calloway the daughter of William Calloway who came to Henry County Alabama in 1829. He enlisted in 1861 with the Henry Grays. Received five wounds during war, however he served until the War was over. He was wounded at Seven Pines, shot through the thigh, a flesh would at South Mountain, Chancellorsville wounded in the thigh, another wound May 1864, the last wound the worst was 19 September 1864 at Winchester Virginia. They were able to save his arm by removing about 5 inches of the bone and flesh including the elbow joint. He keep the bone as a souvenir. He spent the next two years trying to help his father put the farm back in operation. He married Caroline ("Carrie") V. Kirkland (1848 -1925) on February 15, 1866. Carrie V. Kirkland's father, Isaac Kirkland, was an early pioneer of Henry County and the first merchant of Abbeville, Alabama. Five Children were born to this union: Daniel G,; Lula Lee who married F. W. Laney. Jr.; George A.; William A.; John T.) Farming was not for him so he looked for other work. He was appointed in July 1866 as Deputy Sheriff of Henry County Alabama and served for 3 years and then appointed for another 3 years as Sheriff. In 1872 he opened a store in Abbeville which lasted about 2 years. In 1874 he placed his name on the ballot and won the job as Circuit Clerk in Abbeville Henry County Alabama, which he held for the next 20 years until he retired. Thomas and Carrie are buried at City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama.

TROTTER, William W. Private

TUCKER, Mathew L. (Private, Company A & K & H, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

TUCKER, Reuben H. (Private, Company A & K, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment)

TYSON, Henry C. Private

WALTERS, Washington A. Private

WATTERS, John Private

WATTS, Stubbius Private

WEBB, John Private

WELSH, John W. Private

WESTON, John T. Private

WHEELUS, John Private

WHEELUS, William Sergeant

WHIDDON, Nathan Private Nathan Whiddon was the son of William and Sarah Whiddon of Henry County Alabama. Other sons to serve were James Whiddon, Sergeant, Company K, 61st Alabama Infantry Regiment; John Wesley Whiddon, Private, Company A, Hilliard's Legion and Company E 60th Alabama Infantry. Edward Whiddon died of Typhoid Fever and is buried at Confederate Cemetery in Charollettville, Virginia and Dempsey Whiddon served with the home guard, the Henry Mounted Rebels. Lott, son of Dempsey enlisted in Erwin's Invincibles of Henry County Alabama and the unit was assigned to the 25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment as Company E and was later assigned to the 38th Georgia Infantry Regiment. He was killed in action May 10, 1864. Nathan, John Wesley and James survived the war. As in most families of Henry County Alabama, every male member served in some fashion defending the South from the invading Federals. Nathan later moved to Smith County, Texas. He died in Van Zandt County Texas in 1900 and buried in the Cox Cemetery.

WHITAKER, Septamus J. Private

WHITAKER, William D. Private

WHITE, Joseph Private

WHITEHEAD, James Private

WHITTIN, N. Private

WILLCOXSON, Sidney A. Officer

WILLIAMS, John D. Private

WILLIAMS, John W. Private

WILLIAMS, Robert M. Private

WILLIAMS, Wyatt Greene, Henry County, Private, born 1843, he is buried somewhere in Houston County, Alabama.

WILSON, John P. Private

WILSON, William Private

WINGATE, William A. Private

WINGATE, William P. Private

WOOTEN, Edward J. Private

WRIGHT, N. A. Private

YATES, James Private

YERGAN, R. E. Private

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