Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories

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West Confederate Avenue, near Spangler Woods

Base reads:
Virginia to her Sons at Gettysburg

Plaque in front reads:
Virginia Memorial
General Robert E. Lee
Mounted on "Traveller"
The group represents various types
who left civil occupations to join the
Confederate Army. Left to right;
a professional man, a mechanic,
an artist, a boy, a business
man, a farmer, a youth

Dedicated  June 6, 1917                   Sculptor, F. W. Sievers

Picture was taken by the courthouse in Culpeper, Va.


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Army of Northern Virginia Antietam
Route 65 at the Entrance to the Piper Farm

Near this spot an abandoned Confederate
gun manned by a Second Lieutenant of the
6th Virginia Infantry Mahone's Brigade and
two Infantry Volunteers from Anderson's
Georgia Brigade, was placed in action
September 17, 1862.

This plaque (above) is located near the entrance to the National Cemetery in Culpeper, Va.  (Click on picture for a larger one)

The above monument is located in the Confederate Cemetery in Fredericksburg, Va. I had to split the plaque  on the front of the monument above so it could be read.  I tried to get a full version of it, but it could not be read properly.  Click on each picture for a larger one.  One big shame about the Confederate Cemetery, most of the headstones are becoming unreadable.  Too bad someone that lives in the area couldn't get replacement headstones. They can be ordered and the only cost would be to install them.  That would be if you ordered the headstones that are the flat bronze which would need a concrete base.


Pictures were taken in the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery.  The citizens of Spotsylvania dedicated this monument on May 30, 1918 to honor the Confederate dead.  The entrance to the cemetery is across the street from the Spotsylvania Court House..

Virginia was initially reluctant to secede from the Union. When the men who attended its convention voted for secession in April 1861, it was the third time they had brought the issue to a vote. And they voted to secede only after Lincoln issued a call to arms to suppress the secessionist tendencies in the Southern states. In doing so, Virginians brought upon themselves four years of constant hardship and devastation.

Much of the war was fought in Virginia. The state was the focal point for a number of reasons. First, it had more manufacturers and more mines than any other state. It had nearly 20% of the railroad track of the Southern states. Its state capital, Richmond, was also the Confederacy's capital and was only 90 miles away - a four day march - from the Union's capital at Washington, D.C. Because armies focus on capturing the enemy's capital, the Federals concentrated on capturing Richmond. The Confederates in turn worked to capture Washington D.C. The counties in between were doomed to suffer the devastation that follows in the wake of armies. By 1865, the state's handsome towns were wrecked, its manufacturing centers destroyed, its farms ruined. Virginians starved and found themselves prey to foraging soldiers, looters and lawless bands. And a half million men became casualties within its borders.

Battles Fought in Virginia


Amelia Springs

Appomattox Courthouse

Appomattox Station

Aquia Creek



Ball's Bluff

Beaver Dam Creek


Big Bethel

Blackburn's Ford

Boydton Plank Road

Brandy Station

Bristoe Station

Buckland Mills

Cedar Creek

Cedar Mountain

Chaffin's Farm



Chester Station

Cloyd's Mountain

Cockpit Point

Cold Harbor

Cool Spring

Cove Mountain


Cross Keys

Cumberland Church

Darbytown & New Market

Darbytown Road

Deep Bottom I

Deep Bottom II

Dinwiddie Court House


Drewry's Bluff

Eltham's Landing

Fair Oaks & Darbytown Rd

Fisher's Hill

Five Forks

Fort Stedman


Fredericksburg II

Front Royal

Gaines' Mill

Garnett's & Golding's Farm


Globe Tavern

Guard Hill

Hampton Roads

Hanover Courthouse

Hatcher's Run

Haw's Shop

Jerusalem Plank Road

High Bridge

Kelly's Ford

Kernstown I

Kernstown II

Lewis's Farm


Malvern Hill

Manassas I

Manassas II

Manassas Gap

Manassas Station Ops.




Mine Run

Morton's Ford

Namozine Church

New Market

New Market Heights

North Anna

Oak Grove

Old Church


Peebles' Farm





Port Republic

Port Walthall Junction

Proctor's Creek

Rappahannock Station

Rappahannock Station

Ream's Station

Ream's Station

Rice's Station

Rutherford's Farm

Saint Mary's Church

Salem Church



Sappony Church

Savage's Station

Sailor's Creek

Seven Pines

Sewell's Point

Staunton River Bridge

Spotsylvania Court House

Suffolk / Hill's Point

Suffolk /Norfleet House

Sutherland's Station

Swift Creek

Thoroughfare Gap

Tom's Brook

Trevilian Station

Totopotomy Ck/Bethesda Ch



Ware Bottom Church


White Oak Road

White Oak Swamp



Wilson's Wharf

Winchester I

Winchester II

Yellow Tavern


Reference for above battles: CWSAC Battle Summaries, Park Net, National Park Service web site:



1st (Farinholt's) Reserves

1st Battalion, Infantry (1st Battalion, Virginia Regulars; Irish Battalion)

1st Battalion, Infantry, Local Defense (Ordnance Battalion, Armory Battalion)

1st Battalion, Reserves

1st Infantry Rgt. (Williams Rifles)(Old First Virginia)

1st Reserves

1st State Reserves

1st Infantry Regiment Chamber's Company

1st Infantry Regiment Drum Corps

2d Battalion Reserves

2d Battalion, Infantry, Local Defense (Waller's Battalion, Quartermaster Battalion)

2d Infantry Regiment

2d Infantry Regiment, Local Defense

2d State Reserves

3d (Archer's) Battalion, Reserves

3d (Christman's) Battalion, Reserves

3d Battalion, Valley Reserves (Augusta County Reserves)

3d Infantry Regiment

3d Infantry Regiment, Local Defense

3d Kanawha Regiment, Infantry

3d Reserves (Booker's Regiment, Reserves)

4th Battalion, Infantry, Local Defense (Naval Battalion; Navy Department Battalion)

4th Battalion, Reserves

4th Infantry Regiment

4th Reserves

5th Battalion, Infantry (Wilson's Battalion; Archer's Battalion)

5th Battalion, Infantry, Local Defense (Arsenal Battalion)

5th Infantry Regiment

5th Battalion, Reserves

6th Infantry Company Ferguson's

6th Infantry Company Vickery's

6th Infantry Company Weisiger's

6th (Tredegar) Battalion, Infantry, Local Defense

6th Battalion, Reserves (13th Battalion, Reserves; Smith's Battalion, Reserves)

6th Infantry Regiment

7th (1st Nitre) Infantry Battalion Local Defense

7th Infantry Gibson's Company

7th Battalion, Reserves (5th Battalion, Valley Reserves)

7th Infantry Battalion

7th Infantry Regiment

 8th Infantry Regiment

8th Battalion, Reserves (1st Battalion, Valley Reserves)

9th (Hansbrough's) Battalion, Infantry

9th Infantry Regiment

9th Battalion, Reserves (2d Battalion, Valley Reserves)

10th Battalion, Reserves (4th Battalion, Valley Reserves)

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Battalion, Reserves (4th Battalion, Reserves; Wallace's Battalion, Reserves)

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

13th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment

15th Infantry Regiment

16th Infantry (Colston's Infantry) Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment

18th Infantry Regiment

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

21st Infantry Regiment

21st Battalion, Infantry (Pound Gap Battalion, Thompson's Battalion, Special Service Battalion)

22d Infantry Regiment (1st Kanawha Regiment)

22d Battalion, Infantry (2d Battalion Infantry)

23d Infantry Regiment

23d Battalion, Infantry (1st Battalion, Infantry; Hounshell's Battalion, Infantry; Derrick's Battalion, Infantry)

24th Infantry Regiment

24th Battalion, Partisan Rangers (Scott's Battalion)

25th Infantry Regiment

25th Battalion, Infantry (Richmond Battalion, Infantry; City Battalion, Infantry)

26th Infantry Regiment

26th (Edgar's) Battalion, Infantry

27th Infantry Regiment

27th Battalion Partisan Rangers

28th Infantry Regiment

28th (Tabb's) Battalion, Infantry

29th Infantry Regiment

30th Battalion, Sharp Shooters (1st Battalion, Sharp Shooters; Clarke's Battalion, Sharp Shooters)

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

32d Infantry Regiment

33d Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry (2d Kanawha Infantry)

37th Infantry Regiment

38th Infantry (Pittsylvania Regiment)

39th Infantry Regiment

40th Infantry Regiment

41st Infantry Regiment

42d Infantry Regiment

43rd Infantry Regiment

44th Battalion, Infantry (Petersburg City Battalion)

44th Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Regiment

45th Battalion, Infantry

46th Infantry (1st Regiment, Infantry, Wise Legion; 2d Regiment, Wise Brigade)

47th Infantry Regiment

48th Infantry Regiment

49th Infantry Regiment

50th Infantry Regiment

51st Infantry Regiment

52d Infantry Regiment

53d Infantry Regiment

54th Battalion, Infantry

54th Infantry Regiment

55th Infantry Regiment

56th Infantry Regiment

57th Infantry Regiment

58th Infantry Regiment

59th Infantry (2d Regiment, Infantry, Wise Legion)

60th Infantry (3d Regiment, Infantry, Wise Legion)

61st Infantry (Wilson's Regiment, Infantry; 7th [Wilson's] Battalion, Infantry)

62d Infantry Regiment Mounted Infantry, 62d Cavalry, Imboden's Partisan Rangers)

63d Infantry Regiment

64th Mounted Infantry (64th Infantry; 64th Cavalry

Averett's Battalion, Reserves

Avis' (Captain) Company, Provost Guard

Balfour's (Captain) Company (Mounted Riflemen)

Bosher's (Lieutenant) Company, Local Defense

Burks' Regiment, Local Defense

Chappell's (Captain) Company, Local Defense (Pickett Guard)

Clark's (Captain) Company, Reserve Forces

Military Institute Cadets

Virginia State Rangers

Other Virginia Units

Virginia Military Institute Alumni Killed or 
Died in Service



9th Militia

14th Militia

21st Militia

25th Militia

31st Militia

34th Militia

37th Militia

39th Militia

41st Militia

43d Militia

46th Militia

47th Militia

51st Militia

52d Militia

53d Militia

54th Militia

58th Militia

59th Militia

61st Militia (Matthew's Battalion)

64th Militia

67th Militia

72d Militia (Russell County Militia)

74th Militia

77th Militia

78th Militia

79th Militia

82d Militia

86th Militia

87th Militia

88th Militia

89th Militia

92d Militia

97th Militia (Spitler's, Mann [Colonel] Militia; 2d Regiment; 7th Brigade, Militia)

108th Militia

109th Militia

110th Militia

111th Militia

114th Militia

115th Militia

122d Militia

129th Militia

135th Militia

136th Militia (3d Regiment, 7th Brigade, Militia)

146th Militia (1st Regiment, 7th Brigade, Militia)

151st Militia

152nd Militia

157th Militia

162d Militia

164th Militia

166th Militia

188th Militia

189th Militia

190th Militia

198th Militia

Carroll County Militia

The Scott County Militia -- the 124th Virginia Milita and the 185th Virginia Militia

The Washington County, Virginia Militia -- The 70th Virginia Militia and the 105th Virginia Militia

The Wythe County Miliita -- the 35th Virginia Militia and the 183rd Virginia Militia


1st Battalion, Cavalry

1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Cavalry State Line

2d Cavalry Regiment

2nd Cavalry State Line McNeels Co.

2nd Cavalry Battalion

3rd Cavalry & Infantry State Line

3d Cavalry (2d Virginia Cavalry)

4th Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry & Infantry State Line

5th Cavalry Regiment

5th (Cons.) Cavalry

5th Cav. Coakley's Co.

5th Cavalry 12 months, 1861-62, (4th Virginia Cavalry, Mullins' Regiment)

5th Cav. & Infantry State Line Co. I

5th Cavalry Regiment, Provisional Army

6th Cavalry Regiment

7th (Ashby's) Cavalry Regiment

7th Cavalry Co. Baylor's

7th Cavalry Co. Glenn's

7th Cavalry Co. Preston's

8th Cavalry Regiment

9th Cavalry (Johnson's) Regiment

9th Cavalry Company Sandford's

10th Cavalry Regiment

11th Cavalry Regiment

12th Cavalry (10th Virginia Cavalry) Regiment

13th Cavalry Regiment

14th Cavalry Regiment

14th Battalion, Cavalry (Burroughs' Battalion)

14th Cavalry Company (Crawford's)

15th Cavalry Regiment

15th Battalion, Cavalry (Northern Neck Rangers; Critcher's Battalion, Virginia Cavalry)

16th Cavalry Regiment

17th Cavalry Battalion

17th Cavalry Regiment

18th Cavalry Regiment

19th Cavalry Regiment

20th Cavalry Regiment

21st Cavalry Regiment (Peters' Regiment)

22d Cavalry Regiment (Bowen's Regiment,
Virginia Mounted Riflemen)

23d Cavalry Regiment

24th Cavalry Regiment

25th Cavalry Regiment

26th Cavalry Regiment

32d Battalion, Cavalry

34th Battalion, Cavalry (1st Battalion, Virginia Mounted Rifles; Witcher's Battalion,
Virginia Mounted Rifles)

35th Battalion, Cavalry

36th Battalion, Cavalry

37th Battalion, Cavalry (Dunn's Battalion, Partisan Rangers)

39th Battalion, Cavalry (Richardson's Battalion
of Scouts; Guides and Couriers;
13th Battalion, Cavalry)

40th Battalion, Cavalry

41st (White's) Battalion, Cavalry

42nd Cavalry Battalion

43rd Cavalry Battalion

46th Battalion, Cavalry

47th Battalion, Cavalry

Caldwell's Battalion, Cavalry

Davis' Cavalry Battalion

Ferguson's Cavalry Battalion

Hounshell's Cavalry Battalion

Miscellaneous Names

Mosby's Cavalry Regiment

O'Ferrall's Cavalry Battalion

Swann's Cavalry Battalion

Mtd.Riflemen Balfour's Co.

Jourdan's Co.

McFarlane's Co.

McNeill's Co.

Moorman's Co.

Mounted Guard

Mtd.Guard 1st Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 3rd Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 4th Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 5th Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 7th Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 8th Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 12th Congr.Dist.

Mtd.Guard 13th Congr.Dist.

Patrol Guard 11th Congr.Dist. (Mtd.)

Mtd.Riflemen St.Martin's Co.

Mtd.Res. Rappahannock Dist. Sale's Co.

Thurmond's Cavalry Company

Young's Cavalry Company

Organizational Structure of the Virginia State Line



1st Artillery Regiment (2d Virginia Artillery)

1st Battalion, Light Artillery (Hardaway's Battalion; Moseley's Battalion)

1st Light Artillery (Pendleton's Regiment)

2d Artillery Regiment

3d Light Artillery (Local Defense)

3rd Artillery Regiment

4th Heavy Artillery Regiment

10th (Allen's) Battalion, Heavy Artillery

 12th Battalion, Light Artillery

13th Battalion, Light Artillery

18th Battalion, Heavy Artillery

19th (Atkinson's) Battalion, Heavy Artillery

20th Battalion, Heavy Artillery

38th (Read's) Battalion, Light Artillery

Light and Heavy Arty. Miscellaneous Personnel

Albermarle Light Artillery

Alburtis-Wise Battery

Alexandria Light Artillery

Alleghany Light Artillery

Allen's Company Heavy Arty.

E. J. Anderson's Company Light Artillery

R. M. Anderson's Company Light Artillery

Amherst Light Artillery

Ancell's Company Light Artillery

Armistead's Company Light Artillery

Ashland Light Artillery

Barr's Company Light Artillery

Bedford Light Artillery

Binford's Company Volunteers

Botetourt Light Artillery

Bowyer's-Johnson's Battery

Brander's Company Light Artillery

Brandon Light Artillery

Branch's-Pegram's Battery

Brook's Battery

G. W. Brown's Company Horse Artillery

J. S. Brown's Company Light Artillery

Bryan's Battery

Bryan's Artillery Company

Caroline Light Artillery

Carpenter's Company Light Artillery

Carrington's Company Light Artillery

J. W. Carter's Company Horse Artillery

W. P. Carter's Company Light Artillery

Cayce's Company Light Artillery

G. B. Chapman's Company Light Artillery

W. H. Chapman's Company Light Artillery

Charlottesville Light Artillery

Chew's-Thompson's Battery

Clutter's Company Light Artillery

Cocke's-Ancell's Battery

Coffin's Company Light Artillery

Coleman's Company Heavy Artillery

Cooper's Company Light Artillery

Courtney Light Artillery

Crenshaw's-Ellett's Battery

Curtis' Company Light Artillery

Cutshaw's Company Light Artillery

Dabney's Battery

Dance's Artillery Company

Danville Light Artillery

Davidson's-Chamberlayne's Battery

Dixie Light Artillery

Donald's Company Light Artillery

Douthat's Company Light Artillery

J. W. Drewry's Artillery Company

Ellett's Company Light Artillery

Epes' Company Heavy Artillery

Eubank's-Taylor's Battery

Fauquier Light Artillery

Fleet's Artillery Company

Forrest's Artillery Company

Fluvanna Light Artillery

Fredericksburg Light Artillery

French's Company Light Artillery

Fry's Company Light Artillery

Garber's Company Light Artillery

Giles Light Artillery

Goochland Light Artillery

Arch. Graham's Company Light Artillery

E. Graham's Company Horse Artillery

Grandy's Company Light Artillery

Griffin's Company Light Artillery

Hampden Light Artillery

Hankin's Company Light Artillery

Hardwicke's Company Light Artillery

Hanover Light Artillery

Holman's-Huckstep's Battery

Huckstep's Company Light Artillery

Huger's-Moore's Battery

Jackson's Battery

Jackson Light Artillery

Jackson's Company Horse Artillery

Jackson's Battalion State Line Light Artillery

James City Light Artillery

Jeffress' Company Light Artillery

Johnson's-Clutter's Battery

J. R. Johnson's Company Light Artillery

Johnson Heavy Artillery

C. F. Johnson's Company Light Artillery

A. J. Jones' Company Heavy Artillery

L. F. Jones' Artillery Company

King's Company Light Artillery

King William Light Artillery

Kevill's Artillery Company

Kirkpatrick's Company Light Artillery

Kyle's Company Heavy Artillery

Lampkin's Company Light Artillery

Lanier's Company Artillery (Loc. Def & Sp. Serv.)

Latham's-Blount's Battery

Lee Light Artillery

Letcher Light Artillery

Levi's Battery

Lewis' Battery

Long Island Light Artillery

Loudoun Light Artillery

Lowry's Battery

Lunenberg Heavy Artillery

Lurty's Battery

Magruder Light Artillery

Martin's Battery

Mathews Light Artillery

McClanahan's Battery

McComas'-French's Battery

McGregor's Battery

Middlesex Light Artillery

Monroe Light Artillery

Montgomery's Company Light Artillery

Moore's Company Light Artillery

Moorman's-Shoemaker's Battery

Morris Light Artillery

Motley's Company Light Artillery

Nelson Light Artillery No. 1

Nelson Light Artillery No. 2

Nelson's Company Light Artillery

Norfolk Blues Light Artillery

Nottoway Light Artillery

Orange Light Artillery

Otey Light Artillery

Page's Company Light Artillery

Pamunkey Heavy Artillery

Paris' Company Light Artillery

Parker's Battery

Patterson's Company Heavy Artillery

Pegram's Company Light Artillery

Pelham's-Breathed's Battery

Penick's Company Light Artillery

Peninsula Light Artillery

Petersburg Light Artillery

Pollock's Company Light Artillery

Portsmouth Light Artillery

Powhatan Light Artillery

B.Z. Price's Company Light Artillery

Purcell Light Artillery

Read's Company Heavy Artillery

Rice's Battery

Richardson's Artillery Company

Richmond Fayette Light Artillery

Richmond Howitzers--1st Company

Richmond Howitzers--2nd Company

Richmond Howitzers--3rd Company

Ringgold Light Artillery

Rive's Company Light Artillery

Rockbridge Light Artillery No. 1

Rockbridge Light Artillery No. 2

Roemer's-Turner's Battery

Roger's Company Light Artillery

Salem Flying Artillery

Sands'-Ritter's Battery

D. Shanks' Company Horse Artillery

Shoemaker's Company Horse Artillery

B. H. Smith's Artillery Company

J. D. Smith's Company Light Artillery

Smith's Battery

Snead's Company Light Artillery

Southside Light Artillery

Stafford Light Artillery

Staunton Light Artillery

Staunton Hill Light Artillery

Sturdivant's Battery

Surry Light Artillery

Taylor's Company Light Artillery

Thomas Light Artillery

Thompson's Company Light Artillery

Thornton's Company Light Artillery

Turner Light Artillery

Turner's Company Light Artillery

United Light Artillery

Utterback's Company Light Artillery

Water's Company Light Artillery

Weisiger's Company Light Artillery

Wilkinson's Company Heavy Artillery

Williamsburg Light Artillery

Wimbish's Company Light Artillery

Wise Artillery Legion

Woolfolk's Company Light Artillery

Wright's Company Heavy Artillery

Young's Battery

Artillery Miscellaneous Personnel

Artillery Detachment VMI

George W. Hicks--Unknown unit. There were a lot of George W. Hicks that fought for Va.  Buried in the Confederate Cemetery in Fredericksburg, Va.

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