4th Infantry Regiment

Surnames A-B

ACKERLY, JAMES P.: Co. H (Mar. 15, 1862); sick In Winchester hospital as of May 1, 1862; died there, June 20, 1862. Buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester.

ADAIR, ALEXANDER: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1862); captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg after being shot in right shoulder and breast; died of wounds, July 25, 1863, at Camp Letterman, Gettysburg, Pa.

ADAMS, MILES R: Co. E (Mar. 12, 1862); killed, Aug. 28, 1862, at Groveton.

ADAMS, WILLIAM A.: Co. L (July 16,1861); hospitalized, May 10-11,1864, at Charlottesville with contusion of left arm

ALLSTOCK, CHARLES PRESTON: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); born June 6,1836; wounded In foot in July, 1861, by accidental discharge of his own gun; AWOL as of Mar. 4,1862; dropped from the rolls In Oct., 1862, as a deserter; died Aug. 25 1920. Burled in Rockbridge County.

AILSTOCK, THOMAS: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1861); 22; farmer; Aug. 18,1861: assigned as a nurse at Manassas Junction; trfd to Gordonsville hospital In Apr., 1862; wounded In the face, July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg; placed on the Honor Roll Aug. 10, 1864; present through Dec, 1864.

AKERS, DAVIDSON: Co. C (Feb. 22, 1864); captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania and sent to Point Lookout Prison Md.; exchanged, Feb. 10, 1865, and sent to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond because of acute dysentery.

AKERS, THOMAS P.B.: Co. B (Apr. 18, 1861); accidentally shot and killed, June 3, 1861, at Harper's Ferry—the first fatality from unnatural causes In the regiment.

AKIN, G.W.: Co. C (muster date unknown); Jan. 20, 1862: hospitalized In Winchester.

ALEXANDER, ADOLPHUS: Co. H (Sept. 17,1864); shot In left forearm, Feb. 7, 1865, at Petersburg; furloughed for 80 days beginning Feb. 26.

ALEXANDER, GEORGE: Co. A (Feb. 8,1863); 39; leg amputated following May 3, 1863, gunshot wound in right knee at Chancellorsville.

ALEXANDER, HENRY HANCE: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 19; student; mustered Into service as 1st Sgt. of regiment; Aug. 4 ,1861: trfd. to 45th Virginia; died In 1916.

ALEXANDER, OTHO: Co. L (July 16, 1861); discharged In Mar, 1862, because of disability.

ALEXANDER, ROBERT A.: Co. H (Mar. 6, 1862); died of fever near Staunton, June 15, 1862.

ALLEN, ADAM: Co. D (July 31,1861); hospitalized at Winchester, Nov. Dec, 1861; shot In lung, Aug. 28,1862, at Groveton; died at Aldie of wounds, Oct. 6, 1862.

ALLEN, BENJAMIN F.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 20: farmer; captured, Mar. 23 1862, at Kernstown; exchanged, Aug. 5. 1862: listed as AWOL, Aug. 5, 1862-Jan. 1, 1863; wounded at Winchester, July 24, 1864.

ALLEN, CHARLES: company and muster date unknown; paroled at Richmond, May 2, 1865.

ALLEN, JOHN HARVEY: Co. A (Apr. 17, 1861), 23; jeweler; Aug. 24, 1861: given medical discharge.

ALLISON, DAVID S.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); received gunshot wound in thigh, Aug. 9,1862, at Cedar Mountain; returned to duty, Dec. 13, 1862; promoted to Cpl., Apr. 4, 1864; captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania; June 15, 1865: paroled from Elmira Prison, N.Y.; 5 '6 ˝”   hazel eyes, auburn hair, fair complexion.

ALMOND, R.R.: Co I (Apr. 12, 1862); discharged from service, Aug. 1. 1862.

AMBURN, JESSE M.: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); left sick at Gordonsville, Aug. 17,1862; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; detailed In Oct., 1864, to duty with brigade commissary.

AMOLE, JAMES P.: Co. I (June 2,1861); from Lynchburg; May 3,1863: shot in right leg at Chancellorsville; Nov. 27,1863: shot again in leg at Payne's Farm; captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania; paroled at Elmira, N.Y., June 11, 1865; 5'6", hazel eyes, black hair, florid complexion.

AMOLE, THOMAS FRANKLIN: Co. I (Sept. 25,1862); born July 4,1844; wounded in left arm, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; captured, July 9,1864, at Monocacy, Md., after being shot in left leg; exchanged, Sept. 21, 1864, and sent to Chim­borazo Hospital In Richmond for treatment of wounds; died Nov. 9,1913. Buried In Buena Vista.

ANDERSON, ISAAC G.: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861); 22; farmer; Apr. 18, 1862: apptd. 2nd Sgt.; leg amputated, Sept. 17, 1862, after gunshot wound at Sharpsburg, Md.; Apr. 27,1863: reduced to ranks because of wound; Aug. 23,1864: applied for artificial leg.

ANDERSON, JOHN: Co. I (Mar. 13, 1862); born In 1828; originally assigned to Poague's Battery; Aug. 11, 1862: died at Lovingston of typhoid fever. Burled at Ebenezer Reformed Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

ANDERSON, JOHN B.: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1861); 22; farmer; AWOL: Dec. 17, 1861-Apr. 20, 1862: sentenced to 3 months in guardhouse and loss of 9 months' pay; June 20,1864: captured at Beauford Gap and sent to Camp Chase Prison, O.; gray eyes, dark hair, dark complexion.

ANDERSON, JOSEPH M.: Co. I (June 2,1861); 24; merchant; Oct. 26,1861: detailed as clerk at regimental headquarters; May 16, 1863: detailed for duty in Quartermaster's Dept.; promoted to Ordnance Sgt.; detailed In Aug., 1864, to Quartermaster's Dept. at Savannah, Ga.

ANDERSON, ROBERT M.: Co. I (Oct. 23, 1864); no further record.

ANDERSON, THOMAS A.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 19; farmer; Nov. 27,1863: shot In finger at Payne's Farm; captured, Sept. 23, 1864, at Strasburg; exchanged, Mar. 17, 1865.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER: Co. I (June 2, 1861); born May 11,1842, in Fincastle; student; 1st Sgt. at muster; July 2t, 1861: wounded three times at First Manassas; Sept. 13,1861: resigned from service because of permanent lameness; died June 21, 1920. Buried in Lexington.

ANDIS, EARL CARSON: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); born Oct. 15,1833: farmer Cpl. at muster Mar. 23,1862: captured at Kerns­town; exchanged, Aug. 5,1862; promoted to 2nd Lt., Nov. 8,1862, and to 1st Lt., Dec. 18,1863; captured, Feb. 6,1864, at Morton's Ford and sent to Hilton Head, S.C.; paroled, Dec. 15,1864; died Jan. 12, 1905. Burled near Elk Creek.

ANGEL, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); born Oct. 24,1824; shoemaker; Oct. 5,1861: detached for special duty at Manassas; hospitalized in May, 1862; medically discharged from service, Jan. 25, 1863; died May 5, 1865. Burled in Blacksburg.

APPERSON, JOHN SAMUEL: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); born Aug. 31,1832, at Orange Courthouse; medical student; June 15, 1861: apptd. hospital steward for regiment and served in that capacity for the length of the war; died Aug. 9,1906. Buried in Marion.

ARCHER, ROBERT: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); hospitalized In Aug., 1862; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12,1864; confined at Elmira, N.Y., until June 21,1865, parole; 6’ 0”. blue eyes, light hair, florid complexion.

ARGABRIGHT, STEWART: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 38; blacksmith; 1st Sgt. at muster; granted sick furlough, Sept. 18,1861; discharged from service, Dec. 1,1861, on surgeon's certificate.

ARKLEY, WILLIAM: Co. H (muster date unknown); paroled from a Wheeling, W. Va., prison, Apr. 10,1865.

ARMBRISTER, HENRY: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); AWOL as of Sept. 19,1862; dropped from the rolls as a deserter, Jan. 8, 1863.

ARNOLD, J. HARRY: Co. I (June 2,1861); 16; student; Feb. 14,1862: granted a 20-day sick furlough; discharged from ser­vice in Aug., 1862.

ARNOLD, J.W.: Co. I (June 2, 1861); born in 1839; student; apptd. 4th Sgt., Sept. 13, 1861; discharged from service, June 14, 1862; died Nov. 25,1887. Buried at High Bridge Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

ARNOLD, JOHN: Co. C (Mar. 14,1862); received gunshot wound in left thigh, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; Nov. 24,1864: detailed as teamster by a medical examining board.

ASPREY, W.S.: company and muster date unknown; mortally wounded and captured, Sept. 17,1862, at Sharpsburg, Md.

AUSTIN, FLOYD B.: Co. F (Mar. 20,1862); severe gunshot wound in right side at Payne's Farm, Nov. 27,1863; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864; exchanged, Mar. 17, 1865, at Elmira Prison, N.Y.

AUSTIN, ISAAC T.: Co. B (Apr. 18, 1861); 20; laborer; apptd. Cpl., Sept. 14, 1861; later reduced to ranks; May 16,1862: deserted at Augusta Springs; dropped from the rolls; said to have joined another regiment.

AUSTIN, JOHN: Co. B (July 14, 1861); wounded at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863; AWOL as of Oct. 1, 1863; returned to duty in Sept., 1864, and detailed to guard duty at Montgomery White Sulphur Springs.

AUSTIN, LEWIS FRIEL: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); born Oct. 18,1829; died of typhoid fever, Sept. 16,1861, In general hospital at Culpeper. Buried at Summerfield Methodist Church, Grayson County.

AUSTIN, WILLIAM: Co. B (Mar. 14,1862); shot in head, Aug. 18,1862, at Groveton; died of wound two days later.

BABER, THOMAS W.: Co. L (July 16, 1861); captured, Aug. 28, 1862, at Groveton; later exchanged; promoted to Cpl., Mar. 11, 1864; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864; confined at Elmira, N.Y., until Feb. 20, 1865, exchange; sur­rendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9, 1865.

BACON, ALGERNON SIDNEY: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1862); discharged from service, July 27, 1862; died apparently In 1890. Buried in Lexington.

BAGNALL, WILLIAM: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); died in July or Aug., 1862, of disease In Wythe County.

BAILEY, ROBERT K.: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); 16; student; shot In shoulder at First Manassas, July 21,1861; discharged from service, Apr. 17, 1862.

BAIN, JOHN D.: Co. G (Sept. 20, 1864); deserted, Oct. 11, 1864.

BAIN, RUSSELL S.: Co. G (Nov. 5,1864); present through at least Dec, 1864.

BAINE, G.W.: Co. I (Apr. 12.1862); late in reporting for duty because of sickness; Aug. 4,1862: discharged from service.

BAKER, S.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); no further record.

BALDWIN, THOMAS WILLIAM: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); born Jan. 1,1845; clerk; apptd. Cpl., Jan. 10,1862, and Sgt., Apr. 17, 1862; trfd. to 51st Virginia, July 5, 1862; died Aug. 24, 1913, In Radford.

BANE, ALLEN MADISON: Co. E (Apr. 23, 1861); 21; farmer; Sept. 1, 1861, trfd. to 7th Virginia.

BARBER, WILLIAM: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 21; laborer; Nov. 13,1862: detailed as teamster in forage train; surrendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9, 1865.

BARCLAY, ALEXANDER TEDFORD: Co. I (June 2, 1861); born In 1844; student; Apr. 20, 1864: promoted to Ensign for gallantry at Payne's Farm; captured, May 12,1864, at Spotsylvania; paroled at Ft. Delaware, June 15,1865; 5' 5", blue eyes, light hair, light complexion; died in 1915. Buried in Lexington.

BARCLAY, JAMES W.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); discharged from service, July 24, 1862.

BARGER, ANDREW JACKSON: Co. L (July 16,1861); discharged from service, Mar. 7,1862, because of "chronic bronchio pneumonia;" died Aug. 30, 1869, in Blacksburg

BARGER, DAVID W.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 18; farmer; Nov. 29,1863: listed as AWOL; returned to duty, Jan. 7,1863; shot below right knee at Winchester, Sept. 19,1864, and taken prisoner; at Point Lookout Prison, Md., until June 2,1865, parole.

BARGER, GEORGE WASHINGTON: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); born Jan. 29,1839; wounded at First Manassas, July 21,1861; detailed in Dec, 1861, as a nurse In Winchester hospital; Sept. 28, 1862: detailed as an ambulance driver; trfd., Aug. 13, 1863, to 14th Virginia Cavalry.

BARGER, JOHN J.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 21; farmer; wounded at Groveton, Aug. 28,1862; trfd., Sept. 22,1862, to 14th Virginia Cavalry

BARNETT, ALBERT M.: Co. G (Apr. 4,1862); sent to general hospital, Aug. 18,1862; not heard from thereafter—"supposed to be dead."

BARNETT, GEORGE W.: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 22; laborer; deserted, Apr 22,1862, at Swift Run Gap; dropped from the rolls, Dec 22, 1862.

BARNETT, JAMES D.: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 26; laborer; detailed to recruiting duty, Aug. 1,1861; deserted, Apr. 22,1862; dropped from the rolls, Dec. 23,1862.

BARNETT, JOHN THOMAS: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); 17; printer; shot in the arm at Gettysburg, July 3,1863; returned to duty, Jan. 6,1864; fingers amputated after being shot, May 12,1864, at Spotsylvania; captured, Sept. 19,1864, at Winches­ter; later exchanged.

BARNETT, JOSEPH H.: Co. G (June 23,1861); 20; farmer; Sept. 29,1861: detailed as a nurse in Charlottesville; discharg­ed from service, Nov. 17, 1861, because of chronic rheumatism.

BARNETT, THOMAS R.: Co. G (Oct. 17, 1864); no further record.

BARNETT, WALTER: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); 32; farmer; Dec 15,1861: detailed as a teamster; trfd. to 14th Virginia Cavalry, Apr. 15, 1862.

BARNETT, WILLIAM: Co. L (July 16,1861), wounded, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; finger later amputated at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond; May 11,1864: received gunshot wound in shoulder at Spotsylvania; captured there and sent to Ft. Delaware Prison, Del.; exchanged, Feb. 27, 1865.

BARNETT, WILLIAM T.: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 13; laborer; listed as AWOL, Apr. 27,1862; returned to duty; killed, Aug. 28,1862 at Groveton.

BARNITZ, PRICE TROVILLO: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); born June 6,1837; painter; Aug. 31,1861: assigned as regimental fifer; trfd. to 5th Virginia, June 1, 1862; died Nov. 2, 1894. Buried in Christiansburg.

BARR, HUGH: Co. B (Jan. 8, 1863); trfd. from 5th Virginia; detailed as drummer in regiment, Jan. 20, 1863.

BARTLEY, HENRY A.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; July 1-Oct. 7,1863: AWOL; shot in left thigh, Oct. 26, 1863, at Bealeton Station; on sick furlough through all of 1864.

BARTON, AMOS C: Co. E (Apr. 18, 1861); 25; shoemaker; Cpl. at muster; promoted to 4th Sgt., Jan. 30, 1862); later elected 2nd Lt.; declined re-election, Apr. 22, 1862, and retired from service.

BARTON, JOSEPH M.: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 22; shoemaker; Sept. 8,1861: apptd. 4th Cpl.; elected 2nd Lt., Apr. 22,1862; died shortly thereafter in Winchester. Buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester.

BARTON, SAMUEL O.: Co. E (Apr. 18, 1861); 30; cabinet-maker; June 29, 1861: discharged from service for disability.

BATEMAN, DANIEL L.: Co. A (May 11,1861); 23; mechanic; detailed In Oct., 1862, as guard for regimental baggage train; May 12,1864: captured at Spotsylvania; confined at Elmira, N.Y., until June 27,1865, parole; 5'8", hazel eyes, dark hair, florid complexion. Buried in Wytheville.

BATES, ERASTUS F.: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861); 18; student; apptd. 4th Cpl., Aug. 28,1863, and 4th Sgt., Apr. 4,1864; present through at least Dec, 1864.

BAXTER, CHARLES HAMILTON: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); born Oct. 9,1839; tinker; on detached duty in Oct., 1862, collec­ting timber for regiment; captured, Nov. 10, 1862, at Charlestown, W. Va.; exchanged, Mar. 5, 1863; trfd. to 50th Virginia; died Jan. 18, 1918.

BAXTER, THOMAS B.: Co. C (Mar. 15, 1862); born in 1843; hospitalized at Richmond in Nov., 1862, because of "loss of speech due to disease;" detailed as a nurse, Feb. 9, 1863; died in 1925. Buried in Christiansburg.

BAYLESS, CASWELL: Co. L (July 16,1861); detailed as a nurse in Winchester, Dec. 8,1861-Feb. 10,1862; captured, Dec. 22, 1862, at Winchester and sent to Fort Monroe; later exchanged; Nov. 27, 1863: wounded at Payne's Farm.

BEAR, ALEXANDER: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861); 28; physician; served as hospital steward at Winchester until July 17, 1861; commissioned 2nd Lt., Aug. 5, 1861; declined reelection and left the service after Apr. 18, 1862.

BEESON, HENRY M.: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1861); 19; student; Apr. 15, 1862: on detached duty in Staunton; captured, July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg, confined at Point Lookout Prison, Md., until May 3,1864, exchange; 5' 7", gray eyes, light hair, fair complexion.

BELL, CHARLES W.: Co. I (June 2,1861); 21; student; apptd. 5th Sgt. at muster; killed at First Manassas, July 21,1861.

BELL, WILLIAM ANDERSON: Co. E (Apr. 18, 1861); born Feb. 4, 1836; farmer; May, 1862-Sept. 1863: detailed as am­bulance driver for regiment; Oct. 13,1862: wounded in fight with ambulance driver of 2nd Virginia and left at Warrenton; captured there ten days later; confined at Point Lookout, Md., until Mar. 3, 1864, exchange; captured again, Nov. 12,1864, at Ninevah; exchanged, Feb. 18,1865; in a Richmond hospital suffering from debility at war's and; died Oct. 30, 1930. Buried in Blacksburg.

BELL, WILLIAM JAMES: Co. I (June 2,1861); from Augusta County; 24; student; Mar. 23,1862: shot through hip joint and captured at Kernstown; exchanged, Aug. 5, 1862; discharged, Oct. 27, 1862, after being certified as permanently crippled.

BELL, WILLIAM P.: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861); 23; farmer; Aug. 28, 1862: killed at Groveton.

BENNETT, GEORGE W.: Co. C (Mar. 10, 1862); absent sick for much of 1863; paroled at Lynchburg, Apr. 13, 1865.

BENNETT, MATTHEW DAVIS: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); born Mar. 9,1836; apptd. 1st Lt., July 1,1861; promoted to Capt., Apr. 22,1862; wounded, Aug. 28,1862, at Groveton; promoted to Major, Feb. 19,1864; wounded at Winchester, Sept. 13, 1864; resigned from service, Feb. 23, 1865; died Dec. 22, 1896. Buried in Montgomery County.

BENNETT, WILLIAM G.: Co. E (Nov. 1, 1864); no further record.

BENNINGTON, JOHN: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); born Apr. 22, 1833; farmer; July-Aug., 1861: reported as sick with typhoid fever in hospitals at Winchester and Charlottesville; discharged from service, Dec. 26,1861; died Nov. 1,1913. Buried at Cromer's Rock.

BENTLEY, JAMES RANDALL KENT: Co. C (June 19,1861); born Nov. 11,1841, in Blacksburg; farmer; Jan.-Apr., 1862: on sick leave; discharged from service in Apr., 1862; died Mar. 1, 1907. Buried near Dublin.

BERRY, WILLIAM C: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 25; carpenter; July 21,1861: wounded at First Manassas; shot in forefinger, Oct. 16, 1862, at Kearneysville, W. Va.; detailed in Oct., 1863, to guard ordnance reserves; listed as absent-wounded, Jan. 31, 1865.

BEVILLE, JAMES A.: Co. A (Apr. 17, 1861); 18; mechanic; Apr. 17, 1882: apptd. 4th Cpl.; wounded, June 27, 1862, at Gaines's Mill; reduced to ranks, July 3, 1862; present through at least Apr., 1864.

BIBB, ROBERT: Co. E (Jan. 24,1863); conscript; Oct. 14,1863: left sick at Warrenton; wounded, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; Feb. 6,1864: captured at Morton's Ford; died Apr. 6,1864, of a fractured skull at Old Capitol Prison, D.C. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

BILERS, C: company and muster date unknown; Dec. 2,1862: captured on a reconnaissance near Winchester; exchang­ed two days later.

BINGHAM, CHARLES WESLEY: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); born Mar. 20,1837; wagon-maker; wounded and captured, Mar. 23, 1862, at Kernstown; exchanged, Aug. 5,1862; returned to duty, Apr. 12,1864; detailed as an orderly for Col. William Terry, Apr. 21,1864; assigned to Invalid Corps, Jan. 24,1865; surrendered, Apr. 9,1865, at Appomattox; died Mar. 23, 1915. Buried in Christiansburg.

BIRCH, EZRA: company and muster date unknown; May 3,1865: took oath of allegiance; "wishes to go to New York."

BISHOP, JOHN J.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 24; cooper; Ordnance Sgt. at muster; promoted to 2nd Lt., Apr. 15,1862, and to 1st Lt., Aug. 29,1862; wounded and captured, Aug. 30,1862, at Second Manassas; exchanged, Oct. 8,1862; died Oct. at Aldie from effects of wound.

BLACK, HARVEY: Field & Staff (May 4,1861); born Aug. 27,1827, in Blacksburg; on duty as regimental surgeon for the entirety of the war; died Oct. 19, 1888. Buried in Blacksburg.

BLACK, JAMES: Co. C (Mar. 14, 1862); killed at Chancellorsville, May 3,1863.

BLACK, JAMES A.: Co. A (May 11,1861); 21; mechanic; AWOL: Oct. 5,1861-Feb. 28,1862; however, a medical discharge from service bears the date Feb. 18, 1862.

BLACK, JOHN: Co. E (Apr. 18, 1861); born Apr. 10, 1833; discharged from service, Apr. 24, 1862; died Oct. 22, 1877. Buried in Blacksburg.

BLACK, JOHN T.: Co. H (Mar. 6, 1862); died of fever at his Rockbridge County home, May 31,1862.

BLACKWELL, WILLIAM A.: Co. B (Apr. 18, 1861); 33; carpenter; Cpl. at muster; July 21,1861: killed at First Manassas.

BLAGG, JOHN W.: Co. E (muster date unknown); paroled at Winchester, Apr. 22,1865.

BLIZARD, JAMES: Co. E (Jan. 27,1864); originally enlisted June 10, 1861, in the 36th Virginia; deserted and captured, Feb. 10, 1864, at Morton's Ford.

BOLES, GEORGE W.: Co. L (June 29,1863); trfd. to 4th Virginia from 30th Bttn. Virginia Sharpshooters; AWOL: June 29, 1863-Feb. 29, 1864; no further record.

BOLES, WILLIAM T.: Co. L (July 16, 1861); Cpl. at muster; Sept., 1861 Apr., 1862: sick in various hospitals; reduced to ranks, Apr. 23,1862; Apr. 30-Oct. 31,1862: detailed as ambulance driver; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; Jan. 1, 1864: assigned to Pioneer Corps; captured, Feb. 6,1865, at Petersburg; later paroled.

BOLTON, WILLIAM H.: Co. D (Oct. 1,1863); 19; stone mason; trfd. from 23rd Virginia Bttn.; July 26-Sept. 5,1864: In Char­lottesville hospital because of gunshot wound in left arm; left hospital without authorization; declared a deserter in Dec, 1864; captured by Federals, Feb. 6,1865; took oath of allegiance and went north; 6' 1", blue eyes, sandy hair, light complexion.

BONES, JOSEPH A.: Co. B (Apr. 18, 1861); 17; laborer; June, 1861-June, 1862: hospitalized in Winchester.

BOOTHE, JAMES W.: Co. C (Mar. 14,1862); shot in ankle, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; July 3,1863: furloughed for 60 days; reported as AWOL, Nov. 8,1863, and as a deserter, June 18,1864.

BOOTHE, JOHN E.: Co. A (muster date unknown); Feb. 23,1865: captured in Surry County and sent to Point Lookout Prison, Md.; paroled, May 15,1865.

BORDAN, CHARLES M.: Co. E (Mar. 12,1862); 21; stone-mason; Aug. 28,1862: wounded at Groveton; died of fever, Mar. 23, 1863 at Guiney's Station; 5 '9", blue eyes, fair complexion.

BORRETT, S.T.: company and muster date unknown; paroled, Apr. 17,1865.

BOSANG, JAMES NICHOLAS: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); born May 2,1836; shoemaker; Sgt. from muster until Aug. 1,1861, promotion to Capt.; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864; paroled at Fort Delaware Prison, Del., June 15,1865; 5'8", dark eyes, hair and complexion; died June 18,1930. Buried in Pulaski.

BOSANG, JOHN A.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 18; tinker; elected Sgt., Apr. 17,1862; sick in Winchester for 1 month and 17 days.

BOSANG, WILLIAM H.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 24; clerk; Cpl. at muster; Apr. 17,1862: elected 2nd Lt.; wounded, Aug. 30, at Second Manassas; assigned to duty as enlistment officer in Pulaski County; Oct. 1,1863: resigned from regi­ment to accept captaincy in home guards.

BOSWELL, LEWIS R.: Co. B (Apr. 16,1862); discharged from service at Gordonsville, Aug. 15,1862.

BOURNE, ANDREW P.: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); 20; farmer; 3rd Sgt. at muster; promoted to 1st Sgt., Oct. 24,1861, and to 2nd Lt., Dec 5, 1863; leg amputated following gunshot wound in left thigh, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; died Dec. 9, 1863 of complications.

BOURNE, ELBERT MONTGOMERY: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); 27; farmer; absent sick in various hospitals from enlistment through Apr., 1864. Buried in Grayson County.

BOURNE, EPHRAIM: Co. F (Mar. 20,1862); promoted to Cpl., Apr. 24,1862, and to Sgt., Sept. 26,1862; left sick at Camp Winder, May 10,1863; captured, May 6,1864, at the Wilderness; exchanged at Fort Delaware Prison, Del., Sept. 18,1864.

BOURNE, GEORGE A.: Co. F (Mar. 20,1862); wounded, Aug. 9,1862, at Cedar Mountain; May 12,1864: captured at Spot­sylvania; confined at Elmira Prison, N.Y., until June 23,1865, parole; 5 '9", blue eyes, dark hair, fair complexion.

BOURNE, JAMES M.: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); promoted to 2nd Lt., Aug. 5, 1861; hospitalized at Charlottesville in Sept., 1861, with typhoid fever; elected Capt., Apr. 24,1862; killed Sept. 17,1862, at Sharpsburg, Md. Buried near battlefield.

BOURNE, JOHN A.: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); 22; farmer; detailed as teamster, Jan. 8,1862; deserted, Apr. 23,1862, at Swift Run Gap.

BOURNE, STEPHEN R.: Co. F (Mar. 20, 1862); died of pneumonia at Staunton, June 5,1862.

BOWE, JAMES A.: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 20; farmer; hospitalized for illness during most of Oct., 1861-Mar., 1862, period; hospitalized again, Sept. 13,1862; paroled by Union authorities, Sept. 20,1862, at Sharpsburg, Md.

BOWE, JOSEPH: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 18; farmer; AWOL: Aug. 9,1862, until declared a deserter, Dec. 20,1862.

BOWERS, JAMES: Co. B (Apr. 16, 1862); deserted, Dec 9, 1862, and dropped from the rolls thereafter; died of fever, May 2,1863, at Guiney's Station.

BOWLES, GEORGE W.: Co. A (May 11, 1861); 19; laborer; mustered out of service, Apr. 17, 1862.

BOWLES, WILLIAM A.: Co. A (July 21,1861); hospitalized In Winchester, Aug. 14-Sept. 5,1862, with chronic rheumatism; May 6,1864: received bullet wound in beck of head at the Wilderness.

BOWMAN, DAVID: Co. G (Sept. 20, 1864); deserted, Oct. 11, 1864.

BOYANS, JAMES: Co. C (muster date unknown); July 3,1863: shot in hip, pelvis and back, and captured at Gettysburg.

BOYD, ANDREW J.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 31; farmer; Apr. 17,1862: promoted to 2nd Sgt.; Nov. 2,1862: assigned as am­bulance driver at division hospital; performed that duty through at least Apr., 1864.

BOYD, CHARLES R.: Co. A (Apr. 17, 1861); promoted to 2nd Lt., July 30,1861, and trfd. to C.S. Engineers.

BOYD, EDWARD R.: Co. C (Mar. 12,1862); wounded In neck, Aug. 28,1862, at Groveton; July 1,1863: detailed as orderly for Gen. Walker; captured at Strasburg, Oct. 19, 1864; exchanged from Point Lookout Prison, Md., Feb. 13, 1865; surrendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9, 1865.

BOYD, THOMAS J.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 28; sheriff; mustered in as 2nd Lt. and promoted to 1st Lt., July 25,1861;detailed to regimental commissary; captured at Kernstown, Mar. 23,1862; exchanged, Aug. 5,1862; detailed to Quarter­master Dept. at Dublin, July 1, 1863.

BOYD, WILLIAM: Co. C (July 2,1861); shot in thumb at Cedar Mountain, Aug. 9,1862; shot in left leg at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13,1862; killed May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville.

BOYER, CHURCHILL: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); 36; farmer; July 27,1862: "discharged as a non-conscript;" 5' 10", dark eyes, hair and complexion.

BOYER, HARVEY: Co. F (June 13, 1861); 26; farmer; discharged, Sept. 27, 1861, because of disability as a result of typhoid fever.

BOYTON, H.D.N.: Co. H (muster date unknown); captured, Apr. 3,1865, near Richmond.

BRADFORD, PETER C: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 25; farmer; died at Winchester, Feb. 3,1862.

BRADLEY, BENJAMIN A.: Co. I (June 6, 1861); 20; student; July 21,1861: killed at First Manassas.

BRADLEY, RANDOLPH: Co. D (Sept. 24, 1861); discharged from service, Dec. 24, 1861; later elected a Lt. In the 14th Louisiana.

BRADY, NATHAN E.: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); 18; tinker; promoted to Cpl., Aug. 1, 1861; Nov.-Dec, 1862: detailed as a courier; deserted to the enemy In Oct., 1863.

BRAND, JAMES WALKER: Co. A (Apr. 17, 1861); born May 21, 1833, in Charlottesville; apptd. 2nd Lt., May 29, 1861; resigned from service, Sept. 25, 1861; died Apr. 11, 1894, in Thomasville, Ala.

BRAY, LEWIS: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); 21; mechanic; killed at Groveton, Aug. 28,1862.

BRAYLOCK, REUBEN: Co. B (Feb. 23,1864); under arrest, Apr. 24,1864, as a deserter; released from military prison at Lynchburg in July, 1864.

BRIAN, J.H.: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1862); assigned to company after deserting the militia; never reported for duty.

BRIDGEMAN, GEORGE: Co. D (Oct. 28, 1864); deserted, Nov. 25,1864.

BRIDGES, JOHN F.: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 21; schoolteacher; Nov. 11,1861-Jan. 18,1862: hospitalized at Charlottesville with mumps; Oct. 25,1863: took oath of allegiance and went north.

BRINKLEY, J.W.: Co. E (muster date unknown); captured at Rapidan River, Feb. 4,1864, and sent to Old Capitol Prison, D.C.; paroled, Mar. 15, 1864.

BROCE, GEORGE THOMAS: Co. L (July 16, 1861); born July 30,1841; farmer; Mar. 19,1862: detailed to C.S. Ordnance Dept. in Charlottesville; died Aug. 25,1915. Buried In Blacksburg.

BROCE, SAMUEL R.: Co. L (July 16,1861); born in 1837; farmer; detailed in Sept., 1661, as a nurse; discharged from ser­vice at Lynchburg, Nov. 30, 1861; died in 1916. Buried in Blacksburg.

BROOKE, FRANCIS T.: Co. I (June 2,1861); from Spotsylvania County; 18; student; 2nd Cpl. at muster; resigned from service, Nov. 21,1861; later served in 30th Virginia.

BROOKS, ANDREW: Co. I (June 2,1861); from Augusta County; 24; student; captured, Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown; ex­changed, Aug. 5, 1862; reported as a deserter, Nov. 27, 1862; restored to duty, Jan. 21, 1863; died May 7, 1863, of wounds received May 3 at Chancellorsville.

BROOKS, CHARLES: Co. I (July 7,1861); from Augusta County; 22; medically discharged, Oct. 2,1862; 5'9", dark eyes, hair and complexion.

BROOKS, MOFFET: Co. I (Mar. 27,1862); died at Waynesboro, June 29,1862, of typhoid fever.

BROOKS, WILLIAM: Co. I (June 2,1861); from Augusta County; 22; student; died in Winchester hospital, July 16,1861, of "brain fever."

BROWN CROCKETT M.: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); died In Wythe County in June, 1862, of disease.

BROWN, FRANK: Co. B (Feb. 13,1864); deserted, Mar. 6,1864.

BROWN, ISAAC: Co. D (July 30,1861); wounded at Gaines's Mill, June 27,1862; wounded at Second Manassas, Aug. 30, 1862; captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; died Dec. 26,1863, of diarrhea at Point Lookout Prison, Md., hospital. . Buried at Point Lookout.

BROWN, JOHN: Co. L (July 23, 1861); born July 24, 1823; farmer; hospitalized, Nov.-Dec, 1861, and Mar.-Apr., 1862; discharged on surgeon's certificate, July 23,1862; died Nov. 24,1908. Buried In Blacksburg.

BROWN, JOHN W.: Co. A (Apr. 24,1861); 38; clerk; Oct. 20,1861: assigned to extra duty at army headquarters; discharged from service, Apr. 17, 1862.

BROWN, JOHN W.: Co. B (Apr. 16,1862); apptd. Cpl., Apr. 22,1862; captured in early autumn, 1862, then exchanged at Aldie; hospitalized In Feb-, 1863, at Chimborazo in Richmond with pneumonia; mortally wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville.

BROWN, ROBERT C: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); apptd. Cpl., Apr. 17,1882; reduced to ranks, July 3,1862; received gunshot wound In left forearm, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; signed parole, June 6,1865, in Richmond.

BROWN, WILLIAM: company and muster date unknown; Jan. 7, 1862: captured In Hampshire County, W. Va.; sent to Camp Chase Prison, O.; exchanged, Aug. 25, 1862, at Vicksburg, Miss.

BROWN, WILLIAM L.: Co. I (Oct. 31,1864); born in 1823; no war record listed; died Jan. 24,1892. Buried at Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

BROWNLEE, JOHN A.: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1861); 27; farmer; Sept. 28, 1862: trfd. to 14th Virginia Cavalry.

BRYAN, DENNIS: Co. I (muster date unknown); captured, Apr. 7, 1865, at Amelia Springs; confined at Point Lookout Prison, Md., until June 19, 1865, parole; 5'6 ˝”gray eyes, brown hair, light complexion.

BRYANT, ALEXANDER W.: Co. H (Mar. 10,1862); 35; carpenter; sick in hospital, Dec. 28,1862-Aug. 23,1863; discharged from service, Oct. 6, 1863, because of "insipient phlebitis;" 5'11", blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion.

BRYANT, NOAH: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); 22; farmer; detailed as a teamster, Nov. 13, 1862; captured, Feb. 6, 1864, at Morton's Ford; took oath of allegiance at Ford Delaware Prison, Del , June 19,1865;  5'9", gray eyes, red hair, ruddy complexion.

BRYANT, JAMES M.: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); 20; mechanic; wounded In arm at First Manassas, July 21,1861; Dec. 30,1861: discharged from service because of chronic rheumatism.

BUCHANAN, CLEOPHAS: Co. D (Feb. 7,1863); born Aug. 7,1834; conscript; July 3,1863: wounded in arm at Gettysburg; recuperated at home through Oct., 1864; died Apr. 17, 1872. Buried In Locust Grove area of Smyth County.

BUCHANAN, JAMES M.: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1862); Nov. 26, 1862 Dec 31,1864: detailed as teamster to ordnance train.

BUCHANAN, JOHN ALEXANDER: Co. D (July 30, 1861); born Oct. 7,1843; student; Apr. 30-Oct. 31,1362: detailed as a nurse in hospital; May-June, 1863: on detached service as a teamster; wounded in arm and captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; confined at Point Lookout, Md., until Feb. 13,1865, exchange; died Sept. 2,1921. Burled In Presbyterian church cemetery, Glade Spring.

BUCK, ABRAHAM: Co. L (July 16, 1661); died Jan. 21, 1862, at Winchester.

BUFFINGTON, WILLIAM A.: Co. A (muster date unknown); paroled, May 17,1865, at Charleston, W. Va.; listed then as 46 years of age, 5'10", with blue eyes, dark complexion, gray hair and whiskers.

BUMGARDNER, JOHN H.: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); 18; farmer; apptd. 4th Cpl., Oct. 1,1862; wounded at Chancellorsville, May 3,1863; died in Richmond hospital, May 9,1863; 5' 10", green eyes, dark hair, dark complexion. Buried in Holly­wood Cemetery, Richmond.

BUNCH, ANDREW J.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 22; farmer; captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; Sept. 22,1863: took oath and joined 3rd Maryland Cavalry (U.S.)

BUNCH, JOHN J.: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1861); 27; farmer; Sept. 28, 1862: trfd. to 14th Virginia Cavalry.

BUNCH, WILLIAM H.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 19; farmer; Sept. 18,1862: deserted at Williamsport, Md.; dropped from rolls In Oct., 1862.

BURDEN, JOHN: Co. B (muster date unknown); farmer; deserted to Federal lines in Feb., 1865; took amnesty oath at Charleston, W. Va., and went north; listed on oath as 21 years of age, 6' 1", with blue eyes, light hair and fair complex­ion.

BURGESS, WILLIAM A.: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); wounded, May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville; on duty through Apr., 1864; hospitalized at Marion In Nov., 1864.

BURKE, T.N.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); assigned to the company after deserting the militia; never reported for duty; officially listed as a deserter, Nov. 27,1863.

BURKETT, DABNEY WHARTON: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); born Aug. 23,1841; farmer; hospitalized, Oct. 5,1861, with typhoid fever; May 3, 1863: wounded at Chancellorsville; Feb. 6, 1864: captured at Morton's Ford; exchanged at Fort Delaware Prison, Del., Feb. 27, 1865; died Mar. 19, 1939. Buried at Hall's Church, Montgomery County.

BURKS, CLIFTON CHARLES: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); born in 1839 In Falcony Falls; packet captain; elected 2nd Lt., July 27, 1861; captured, Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown; exchanged, Aug. 5,1862; captured at Gettysburg, July 3,1863; exchang­ed, Mar. 7, 1865, at Fort Delaware Prison, Del.; died June 8, 1901. Buried at Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

BURKS, HUGH N.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 20; farmer; Cpl. at muster through Apr. 20,1862; elected 1st Lt. In 58th Virginia, May 1,1862.

BURRIS, GEORGE W.: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); 21; farmer; Dec. 31, 1862: forfeited 19 days' pay by order of courtmartial; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; deserted from hospital, Jan. 1,1864; returned to company, Feb. 11,1864; hospitalized the following day. Buried near Elk Creek.

BURTON, CHARLES H.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 20; carpenter; present through at least Apr., 1864.

BURTON, CHARLES T.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 19; laborer; Dec. 9,1862: detailed as a teamster; on duty through at least Oct., 1864.

BURTON, GEORGE W.: Co. C (Mar. 12,1862); assigned to Winchester hospital as a nurse, Sept. 20-Nov. 8,1862; present with regiment through Apr., 1864; hospitalized at Chimborazo in Richmond, June 9, 1864, because of debility.

BURTON, HENDERSON BUCHANAN: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); born in 1830; farmer; discharged from service, July 27,1862, because of age; died in Mar., 1902, in Tazewell County.

BURTON, JAMES H.: Co. C (Mar. 14,1862); killed May 11, 1862, in a skirmish near Franklin, W. Va.

BUSHONG, ABRAHAM: Co. I (Oct. 28,1864); captured, Mar. 25,1865, at Fort Stedman; confined at Point Lookout Prison, Md., until June 19, 1865, parole; 5'5", brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion.

BUTNER, ALEXANDER H.: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); born July 8, 1837; shot in arm at Gettysburg, July 3,1863; shot in left knee, Nov. 27, 1863, at Payne's Farm; died Dec. 25, 1901. Buried in Wytheville.

BUTT, MICHAEL L.: Co. B (Apr. 18, 1861); 22; laborer; killed, Aug. 28, 1862, at Groveton.

BUTT, SAMUEL O.: Co. B (Mar. 14, 1862); discharged from service at Staunton —date unknown.

BYARS, SAMUEL A.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 22; brickman; captured Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown; exchanged, Aug. 5,1862; shot in left foot, May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville; AWOL: Nov. 15,1863-at least Apr. 30, 1864.

BYRD, GEORGE B.: Co. F (June 13,1861); 20; farmer; apptd. 3rd Cpl., Apr. 24,1862; died May 4,1863, of wounds received the preceding day at Chancellorsville.

BYRD, JOHN A.: Co. I (June 8,1861); 20; farmer; captured, Aug. 28,1862, at Groveton; exchanged, Sept. 21,1862; trfd. To 27th Virginia, Mar. 5, 1863.

BYRD, JOHN P.: Co. F (Sept. 8,1861); from Tazewell County; Apr. 6,1862: detached for service in hospital; apptd. Cpl., Sept. 26, 1862; captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; confined at Fort Delaware Prison, Del., until Nov. 1,1864, ex­change.

BYRD, JOSHUA: Co. F (Mar. 20, 1862); sick in various hospitals, Sept. 17, 1862-Apr. 30, 1864.

BYRD, SAMUEL F.: Co. F (Mar. 20, 1862); apptd. 2nd Sgt., Apr. 24, 1862; died of disease in Staunton, June 10, 1862.

BYRD, STEPHEN: Co. F (June 13,1863); 21; farmer; apptd. 4th Cpl., Apr. 24,1862, and 4th Sgt., Mar. 15,1863; died May 12, 1863, of wounds received May 3 at Chancellorsville.

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