4th Infantry Regiment

Surnames I-L

ICENHOWER, ANDREW J.: Co. D (July 30,1861); 18; blacksmith; died in ambulance of wounds received at Sharpsburg, Md., Sept. 17,1862; 5'6", dark eyes, light hair, dark complexion. Buried on Ben Graves farm near Sharpsburg.

IMBODEN, DALLAS: Co. H (Oct. 20, 1864); shot in both legs at Petersburg In Mar., 1865; paroled, July 12, 1865.

IMBODEN, SAMUEL W.: Co. H (Mar. 6,1862); wounded in thigh at Chancellorsville, May 3,1863; detailed, Feb. 24,1864, for ambulance and courier duty; Mar. 14,1865: captured at Ashland River; paroled at Point Lookout Prison, Md., June 14,1865; 5'10", hazel eyes, light hair, light complexion.

INGLES, ELIJAH McCLANAHAN: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); born Dec. 25,1840, in Pulaski County; farmer; assigned, July 31, 1861, as ordnance guard; promoted to Sgt., Apr. 22,1862, and to 1st Sgt., Sept. 3,1863; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12,1864; confined at Elmira, N.Y., until June 21,1865, parole; 6' 1", blue eyes, black hair, florid complexion; died Oct. 1,1924. Buried in Radford.

INGLES, JOHN THOMAS: Co. G (June 28,1861); 18; student; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; shot in head and killed, May 12,1864, at Spotsylvania. Buried in Radford.

INMAN, WILLIAM P.: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); 25; laborer; Aug. 9,1862: captured at Cedar Mountain; exchanged before Nov. 1862; captured, May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness; died Feb. 6, 1865, of pneumonia at Elmira Prison, N.Y. Buried at Elmira.

IRESON, HENRY: Co. C (June 4, 1861); 20; farmer; July 3, 1861: deserted on the march near Martinsburg, W. Va.

IRVINE, WILLIAM: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1862); never reported for duty; listed as a deserter as of Nov. 27,1862.

ISOM, JAMES: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); 21; farmer; deserted, Apr. 23,1862; later served in 8th Virginia Cavalry.

JACKSON, JOHN: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); deserted, Nov. 27,1862, but rejoined company Mar. 1,1864; paroled at Lynchburg In Apr., 1885.

JAMES, EZEKIEL MARTIN: Co. D (May 15,1863);originally enlisted in Jefferson County, Mo.; served as Asst. Surgeon of 1st Missouri State Guard Cavalry until transfer to 4th Virginia as hospital steward; performed that duty through 1864.

JAMES, MITCHELL T.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 19; farmer, received contusion, Aug. 28,1862, at Groveton; captured at Get­tysburg, July 3,1863; died Feb. 14,1864, at Point Lookout Prison, Md.

JAMES, STEPHEN E.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 23; farmer; provost guard at Winchester, Jan.-Feb., 1862; apptd. Cpl., Apr. 13, 1862; wounded In hip, July 1, 1862, at Malvern Hill; promoted to Sgt., Apr. 28, 1863; died May 15, 1863, of wounds received May 3 at Chancellorsville.

JAMESON, HARVEY ALLEN: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); 20; farmer; Dec. 10, 1862: detailed as hospital steward; on duty through at least Apr., 1864.

JAMESON, JOHN: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); 22; farmer; discharged from service in Apr., 1862, at end of enlistment term.

JERNELL, HAMILTON J.: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 19; farmer; captured at Spotsylvania; confined at Elmira, N.Y., until July 13, 1865, parole; 5'7", black eyes, dark hair, dark complexion.

JERNELL, JOHN T.: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 22;farmer; discharged from service, Apr. 23,1862; 5' 11", blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion.

JETT, WILLIAM P.: Co. B (Apr. 16, 1861); 17; laborer; Jan. 1,1862: absent sick; discharged from service, Apr. 25,1862.

JOHNSON, ANDREW: Co. B (Feb. 15,1864); deserted, Apr. 24,1864; arrested and sent to Castle Thunder Prison, Rich­mond.

JOHNSON, EDWARD: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 19; shoemaker; captured at Winchester, June 2,1862; exchanged, Aug. 20, 1862; AWOL thereafter until Jan. 10,1863, return; restored to duty without trial; killed at Gettysburg, July 3,1363.

JOHNSON, GEORGE D.: Co. A (Aug. 18, 1861); discharged from service, Apr. 17, 1862,

JOHNSON, JEREMIAH: Co. L (July 16,1861); shot In left lung at Payne's Farm, Nov. 27,1863; captured, Mar. 2,1865, at Greenwood Depot; paroled, June 21,1865, at Fort Delaware Prison, Del.; 5 '7", brown eyes, light hair, light complex­ion.

JOHNSON, JOHN P.: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); detailed to Ordnance Dept. at Lynchburg, Apr. 17,1862; dropped from the roils In Jan., 1864.

JOHNSON, RICHARD: Co. I (Jan. 21,1863); substitute for G.W. Shields; July 3,1863: captured at Gettysburg; sent to Fort Delaware Prison, Del., where, on Aug. 30, 1863, he joined the 1st Connecticut Cavalry.

JOHNSON, SAMUEL A.: Co. I (July 18,1861); apptd. Cpl., July 9,1862; wounded at Kearneysville, Oct. 16,1862, and at the Wilderness, May 5,1864; promoted to 4th Sgt., Nov. 15, 1864.

JOHNSON, WILLIAM: Co. B (Aug. 10, 1861); on duty through at least 1864.

JOHNSTON, EDWARD STAFFORD: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 30; merchant; 3rd Sgt. from muster until Aug. 1,1861, promotion to 1st Sgt.; discharged from service at Winchester, Feb. 5, 1862.

JOHNSTON, GEORGE W.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 22: deputy sheriff; 4th Cpl. at muster; discharged from service, May 3, 1861, by order of Gov, Letcher.

JOHNSTON, JAMES: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1881); 22; boatman; trfd. to 14th Virginia Cavalry, Sept. 265 1862.

JOHNSTON, WILLIAM M.: Co. I (Apr. 21, 1862); captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania; at Elmira Prison, N.Y., until Mar. 2, 1865. exchange; 5' 11", blue eyes, auburn hair, fair complexion.

JONAS, ISAAC: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); killed at Payne's Farm, Nov. 27, 1863.

JONAS, JAMES: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; exchanged at Fort Delaware Prison, Del., Feb. 18, 1865.

JONAS, JOHN C: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); 25; farmer; discharged from service, Apr. 9,1863, because of dropsy; 5'9", blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion; died sometime after Sept., 1909. Buried in Ebenezer Cemetery, Smyth County.

JONES, BENJAMIN E.: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861): 21; carpenter, apptd. Cpl., Apr. 18, 1862; died Sept. 3, 1862, at Aldie of wounds received Aug. 28 at Groveton; 6'2", black eyes, black hair, dark complexion.

JONES, GEORGE W,: Co. E (Mar. 7, 1864); captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania; paroled, May 14, 1885, at Elmira Prison, N.Y.; 5'4", blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion.

JONES, HIRAM D.: Co. D (July 30,1861); discharged for disability, July 21,1862; re-enlisted, Feb. 9,1863, and detailed as a nurse; Nov. 27,1863: wounded In arm and leg at Payne's Farm; detailed for conscript duty In Smyth County, Apr. 4, 1864.

JONES, JOHN B.: Co. I (June 2, 1861); 18; student; July 9, 1862: apptd. Cpl.; elected 2nd Lt., Aug. 30, 1862; wounded slightly, May 5,1864, at the Wilderness; surrendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9,1865.

JONES, RICHARD M.: Co. G (Apr. 17, 1861); 18; student; wounded, Aug. 28, 1862, at Groveton; Nov., 1862-Mar., 1864: on detached service with C.S. Quartermaster's Dept.; captured. May 5,1864, at the Wilderness; confined at Elmira Prison, N.Y., until June 19, 1865, parole; 5'11", blue eyes, light hair, florid complexion.

JONES, SAMUEL M.: Co. L (July 16,1861); elected 3rd Cpl., Apr. 23,1862; detailed to hospital duty, Feb. 17,1863; trfd., Mar. 2, 1864, to Battalion of Scouts, Guides end Couriers.

JONES, THOMAS L.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 19; laborer; wounded, Aug. 30,1862, at Second Manassas; returned to duty, Dec. 13,1862; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; died Dec. 26,1863, of smallpox; 5' 9", black eyes, black hair, dark complexion.

JONES, THOMAS S.: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); 22; farmer; Oct. 8, 1862: trfd. to 7th Virginia Cavalry.

JORDAN, HARRY E.: Co. I (June 22, 1861); from Richmond; 19, student; discharged from service, Feb. 20, 1862; later enlisted in a North Carolina regiment and died in June, 1864, of battle wounds.

JORDAN, LAFAYETTE HALL: Field & Staff (May 6,1862); Asst. Surgeon of regiment until trfd. to Petersburg hospital, Feb. 10, 1863.

JUNKIN, GEORGE GARRETT: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); born Nov. 13,1839; teacher; apptd. Cpl., Apr. 30,1861, and Sgt., Sept. 12,1861; promoted to 1st Lt. in Dec, 1861, and assigned as aide to Gen. T.J. Jackson; died Feb. 22,1895. Buried in Christiansburg.

KAVENAUGH, THOMAS J.: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); 21; merchant; July 21,1861: killed at First Manassas. Buried In Wythe­ville.

KEENAN, JAMES: Co. I (Jan. 26, 1863); substitute; deserted, Jan. 26,1863.

KEFFER, CHARLES H.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 23; blacksmith; elected 2nd Lt., July 25,1861; trfd. to 7th Virginia Cavalry In Apr., 1862.

KEFFER, SAMUEL: Co. E (Mar. 12,1862); Feb., 1863: deprived of 3 months' pay for being AWOL; received flesh wound in back, May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville; captured, Feb. 6, 1864, at Morton's Ford; paroled from Old Capitol Prison, D.C., Mar. 22, 1864; 5 8", gray eyes, brown hair, dark complexion.

KEISTER, DAVID: Co. L (Aug. 15, 1863); born Dec. 9, 1826; trfd. from 14th Virginia Cavalry; Nov. 27, 1863: finger am­putated after being wounded at Payne's Farm; captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania; exchanged from Elmira Prison, N.Y., Mar. 14, 1865; died mar. 7,1908. Buried In Blacksburg.

KEISTER, GORDON D.: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); trfd. to 63rd Virginia In Oct., 1862.

KEISTER, HENRY JACKSON: Co. L (July 16,1861); elected 2nd Lt., Apr. 22,1862, and promoted to 1st Lt., Feb. 25,1863; wounded in hip, July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg; promoted to Capt., Nov. 27, 1863; on duty through at least Apr., 1864.

KEISTER, PETER J.: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); 25; laborer; July 21,1861: sent on special duty to attend the sick; present with company until killed In action In Aug., 1864.

KELLER, GEORGE: Co. B (Dec. 2, 1863); deserted, Apr. 8, 1864.

KELLEY, EDWIN W.: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); 19; laborer; June 4,1861: died In Richmond of brain fever.

KELLEY, JAMES PIERCE: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); born July 7, 1838: elected Sgt., Apr. 17, 1862; finger shot off at Cedar Mountain, Aug. 9,1862; promoted to 2nd Lt., Oct. 6,1863; captured, May 10,1864, near Spotsylvania; confined at Fort Delaware, Del., until June 16,1865, parole; 6'0", gray eyes, light hair, light complexion; died Aug. 31,1914. Burled in Radford.

KENNEDY, HENRY F.: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1861); 23; shoemaker; Dec. 4, 1861: detailed as nurse in Winchester hospital; assigned to C.S. Medical Dept., Sept. 12, 1863; captured, Apr. 12, 1865, at Salisbury, N.C.; paroled, June 13, 1865; 5'6", gray eyes, light hair, florid complexion.

KENNEDY, JAMES W.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 24; editor; 1st Lt. at muster; on General Court Martial at Winchester, Jan. 20,1862.

KENT, GEORGE MADISON: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); born in 1840; clerk; apptd. Sgt. Maj. at muster; discharged from service, Apr. 17, 1862; died Mar. 25, 1873, in Bedford County.

KENT, JOHN M.: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 16; farmer; Cpl. at muster; absent sick: Aug. 25-Nov. 1,1861; reduced to ranks in Apr., 1862; discharged from service at Gordonsville later that year.

KENT, JOSEPH GORDON: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); born Mar. 22,1841; farmer; discharged for disability, Aug. 28,1861; died July 15, 1900. Buried near Dublin.

KENT, JOSEPH FERDINAND: Co. A (Apr. 17,1861); born Mar. 18,1820; farmer; Capt. from muster until May 4,1861, pro­motion to Major; resigned from service, Jan. 31, 1862; became commander of Wythe County Home Guards; died Sept. 4, 1886. Buried in Wytheville.

KERR, ROBERT N.: Co. I (Apr. 12, 1862); sent to Staunton hospital, Oct. 2, 1862; deserted, Nov. 26, 1862.

KHALE, MATTHEW S.: Co. I (June 2, 1861); born Nov. 4, 1842; "detailed for special duty by order of Gen. Jackson," Feb. 7,1862; assigned as hospital steward, June 9, 1862; captured in July, 1862, at Aldie; paroled two months later; served as a steward at VMI for remainder of the war; paroled, May 20, 1865; 5'7", dark eyes, hair and complexion.

KILLINGER, HAWKS THOMAS: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861); born Oct. 27, 1832; farmer; served as 3rd Cpl., until May 18, 1861, discharge for disability; died May 10, 1919, at Oak Point.

KILLINGER, WILLIAM S.: Co. D (July 30, 1861); discharged from service, Sept. 17, 1861.

KINCANNON, ROBERT SANDERS: Co. A (Mar. 10,1862); born Dec. 22,1842; wounded at Sharpsburg, Sept. 17,1862, and at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863; died Aug. 19, 1864.

KING, GEORGE W.: Co. A (Apr. 17, 1861); 25; mechanic; wounded in wrist, July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg; surrendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9, 1865.

KINSLEY, RICHARD H.: Co. E (Mar. 12,1862); wounded in right thigh and captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; paroled at Baltimore, Md., Sept. 25, 1863.

KINTZLEY, JOSEPH: Co. L (July 16, 1861); absent sick from July, 1861, until Sept. 29, 1862, discharge from service.

KINZER, CHRISTIAN S.: Co. L (July 16,1861); 4th Cpl. at muster; promoted to 1st Sgt., Apr. 23,1862, to 3rd Lt., Nov. 20, 1862, and to 2nd Lt., Feb. 25,1863; captured at Gettysburg, July 3,1863; confined at Johnson's Island, O., until sent, Mar. 14,1865, to Point Lookout Prison, Md., for exchange.

KINZER, GEORGE MICHAEL: Co. G (Oct. 17,1864); born Feb. 6, 1835, in Nottoway County; captured, Apr. 4, 1865, at Petersburg; paroled from Hart's Island, N.Y., June 30,1865; 6'0", brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion; died May 15,1912. Buried In Belmont community of Montgomery County.

KINZER, J.W.: Co. E (Oct. 29, 1864); no further record.

KINZER, JACOB SHERMAN: Co. E (Apr. 18, 1861); born June 12, 1838; carpenter; Dec. 1, 1862-Feb. 26, 1863: AWOL: acquitted of charges In May, 1863; captured, May 12,1864, at Spotsylvania; Mar. 14, 1865: trfd. from Elmira Prison, N.Y., for exchange; died Dec. 4, 1915. Buried in Blacksburg.

KINZER, WILLIAM T.: Co. L (July 16,1861); 24; apptd. 1st Sgt., Dec. 27,1861; reduced to ranks in Apr., 1862; apptd. 4th Cpl., Aug. 1,1862; wounded, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; promoted to 4th Sgt., Aug. 17,1863; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12,1864; died July 15, 1864, at Point Lookout Prison, Md.

KIPPS, JOHN HENRY: Co. L (July 16,1861); born Jan. 12,1841; promoted to Sgt., Apr. 23,1862; wounded, July 1,1862, at Malvern Hill; captured, Mar. 13,1863, In King George's County; exchanged shortly thereafter; captured, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; exchanged, Sept. 18,1864; surrendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9, 1865; died Feb. 15,1919, in Edenton, N.C. Buried in Blacksburg. .

KIRBY, JAMES: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 22; farmer; promoted to 4th Cpl., Dec. 8,1862; arm amputated following May 3,1863, wound at Chancellorsville. Buried near Blacksburg.

KIRK, THOMAS J.: Co. G (Apr. 17, 1861); 21; painter; Apr. 22, 1862: apptd. Sgt.; elected 2nd Lt., Sept. 3, 1863, and pro­moted to 1st Lt., Sept. 29,1863; captured, May 10,1864, at Spotsylvania; paroled, June 16,1865, from Fort Delaware Prison, Del.; 5'7", blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion.

KNOWLES, N.R.: Co. B (Feb. 23, 1864); deserted, Apr. 8, 1864.

KROPFF, JOHN H.: Co. G (Mar. 18,1862); born in Floyd County; wounded in Seven Day's Campaign.; Mar. 8-Apr. 30,1863: AWOL; killed at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863.

KUHNERT, GEORGE W.: Co. A (Apr. 17, 1861); 20; laborer; present until Apr. 10, 1864, when detailed to C.S. Quarter master Dept. at Wytheville.

KUTZ, DANIEL B.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 21; moulder; 1st Cpl. from muster until reduced to ranks In Dec, 1861; wounded at Kernstown, Mar. 23,1862; detailed as a moulder to Tredegar Iron Works in Sept., 1863, and to Marion foundry in Oct., 1863; deserted In Dec, 1863.

KYLE, JOHN: Co. E (Dec 17, 1864); no further record.

KYLE, JOHN C: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 30; physician; July 24,1861: detailed as hospital steward at Manassas Junction; promoted to 3rd Cpl., Dec 8, 1862; trfd. In Mar., 1863, to 58th Virginia.

LA BRIE, JOSEPH: Co. H (Apr. 20, 1861); 47; stone mason; captured at Kernstown, Mar. 23, 1862; exchanged, Aug. 5,1862; discharged from service, Sept. 8, 1862, as being overage.

LACKEY, GEORGE W.: Co. I (June 8, 1861); 20; clerk; Jan. 1, 1863: detailed to Rockbridge County to bring back absentees; wounded at Winchester, Sept. 19, 1864; promoted to Cpl., Nov. 15,1864.

LACKEY, J. WILLIAM: Co. I (Aug. 1,1861); born June 15,1842; captured at Gettysburg, July 3,1863, after being shot in right lung and right shoulder; exchanged shortly thereafter; May, 1864: detailed to division supply train; died Oct. 17, 1869. Buried at New Monmouth Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

LACKEY, JOHN: Co. I (Oct. 23, 1864); absent sick when assigned to company; no further record.

LACKEY, NATHAN A.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); born Mar. 11,1842; killed May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville. Burled at Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

LACKEY, THOMAS: Co. I (Oct. 23, 1864); AWOL from date of assignment to the company.

LACY, JOHN S.: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); 30; musician; wounded at First Manassas, July 21,1861; trfd. to 54th Virginia in Sept., 1861.

LAHUE, ISAAC N.: Co. A (Apr. 4,1863); killed at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

LAHUE, SPENCER C: Co. A (Mar. 10, 1862); present through at least Apr., 1864.

LAIRD, HENRY RUFFNER: Co. I (June 2, 1861); 18; student; trfd. In Apr., 1862, to 1st Virginia Cavalry.

LAMB, CYRUS M.: Co. I (June 8,1861); 23; farmer; wounded, Sept. 17,1862, at Sharpsburg, Md.; deserted Lexington hos­pital in Nov., 1862; later joined 20th Virginia Cavalry.

LAMB, M.H.: Co. I (Oct. 23, 1864); present through at least Jan., 1865.

LAMBERT, ALBERT: Co. D (July 30,1861); deserted, Nov. 19,1862; arrested, Dec 13,1862; jailed in Richmond by order of court-martial in Feb., 1863; returned to duty, June 2, 1863; deserted again, Jan. 24, 1864.

LAMPE, ISAAC M.: Co. D (Apr. 18, 1861); 26; canner; wounded, Aug. 30, 1862, at Second Manassas; captured at Spot­sylvania, May 12, 1864, after being wounded in lumbar region; released from Elmira Prison, N.Y., June 21, 1865;  5 '11", hazel eyes, dark hair, florid complexion.

LAMPE, JOSEPH H.: Co. D (July 30, 1861); died Apr. 15, 1862, of wounds received Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown.

LAMPKIN, HENRY S.: Co. A (June 24,1861); 22; student; Aug. 1,1862: detailed to C.S. Nitre Bureau; AWOL as of Sept., 1863; listed as a deserter after Feb. 26, 1864.

LANAHAN, PATRICK: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 35; farmer; died at home, Aug. 2,1861, of wounds received July 21 at First Manassas.

LANE, WILLIAM A.: Co. C (Mar. 11,1862); detailed as a nurse from muster until Mar. 19,1863; then trfd. by surgeon's cer­tificate to saddle tree shop; on duty there through at least Apr., 1864.

LANGHORNE, JAMES HENRY: Co. G (Apr. 17,1861); born Aug. 31,1841; farmer; enrolled as 2nd Lt.; shot In thigh, July 21, 1861, at First Manassas; assigned as 1st Lt. and Acting Adjutant, Dec. 4, 1861; captured, Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown; died May 31, 1864. Buried in Shawsville.

LAREW, MILTON F.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); never reported for duty; supposedly died of disease.

LAUCK, CHARLES EDWARD: Co. H (Mar. 6,1862); born in Winchester; 34; physician; elected 2nd Lt., June 11,1862; died Aug. 11, 1862, of typhoid fever; 5'3", dark eyes, brown hair, light complexion.

LAVELL, DAVID B.: Co. B (Apr. 16,1861); from Augusta County; 35; farmer; apptd. Sgt., Apr. 22,1862; discharged in the summer of 1862 for being overage; 5'10", dark eyes, dark hair, dark complexion.

LAWRENCE, JACOB H.: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); from Augusta County; 20; laborer; on detached duty through Jan. 2,1863; promoted to Cpl., Feb. 28,1863, and to Sgt. In Nov., 1863; shot In both legs, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; left leg amputated; 5'6", blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion.

LAWSON, JOHN: Co. L (Apr. 15, 1862); deserted near New Market, Apr. 17, 1862.

LAWSON, JOHN E.: Co. H (Mar. 10, 1862); killed Aug. 9,1862, at Cedar Mountain.

LECKEY, WILLIAM N.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 23; carpenter; elected 4th Sgt., Apr. 20,1862, but reduced to ranks, Nov. 27,1862; died July 8, 1863, after being wounded in groin July 3 at Gettysburg.

LEE, WILLIAM PETER FRANCIS: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); born In Franklin County, Sept. 18,1840; farmer; promoted to 2nd Lt., Sept. 14,1861, and to Capt., Apr. 22,1862; finger amputated after Aug. 28,1862, wound at Groveton; wounded and captured at Gettysburg, July 3,1863; confined at Fort Delaware, Del., until Mar. 21,1865, exchange; 6 '0", blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion; died Feb. 25, 1911, at Martinsville.

LEECH, JAMES A.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 20; millwright; slightly wounded, Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown; July 1,1862: shot in shoulder at Malvern Hill; present through at least Nov., 1864.

LEECH, THOMAS H.: Co. H (Apr. 10,1862); wounded at Groveton, Aug. 28,1862; killed May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville.

LEEDY, RUSH F.: Co. C (Mar. 14, 1862); captured, May 30, 1862: exchanged; listed as of Dec. 10,1862, as a deserter.

LEONARD, BENJAMIN F.: Co. D (Apr. 18,1861); 20; farmer; wounded In finger, July 21,1861, at First Manassas; discharged from service, Apr. 2, 1863, because of chronic rheumatism.

LEWIS, EDWARD: Co. I (Oct. 23, 1864); born Aug. 24,1838, In Charleston, W. Va.; on duty through at least Jan. 6,1865; died June 10,1902, In Roane County, W. Va.

LEWIS, GEORGE S.: Co. H (Mar. 2, 1862); captured In Sept., 1862, at Front Royal; exchanged the following month; wounded In thigh, May 3,1863, at Chancellorsville; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12,1864; died Oct. 17,1864, while in the process of being exchanged. Burled in Baltimore, Md.

LEWIS, JOHN D.: Co. H (Mar. 6, 1862); wounded at Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862; detailed in Sept., 1862, as clerk for Gen. Walker; returned to company In Mar., 1884; surrendered, Apr. 9, 1865, at Appomattox.

LICHTNER, SAMUEL MILTON: Co. I (June 8,1861); born Feb. 17,1832, In Pocahontas County, W. Va.; student; died of typhoid fever, May 18,1862. Burled at Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

LIGHTNER, JOHN P.: Co. I (June 22,1861); from Augusta County; 20; student; died Feb. 6, 1862, of typhoid fever.

LILLEY, JOHN A.: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 46; carpenter; hospitalized, Oct. 20,1861; discharged from service, Nov. 9,1861, because of rheumatism.

LILLEY, MILLER: Co. H (Apr. 20,1861); 33; laborer; hospitalized, Oct. 5,1861, until July 30,1862, discharge from service.

LINK, ABRAHAM T.: Co. I (Apr. 12,1862); born In 1830; detailed to Pioneer Corps, Apr. 6,1863; captured, Sept. 19,1864, at Winchester; exchanged at Point Lookout Prison, Md., Feb. 18, 1865; died May 5, 1901. Buried at Falling Spring Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

LINK, WILLIAM: Co. B (Apr. 16, 1862); substitute for F. Stelner; no further record.

LINKOUS, EDWARD J.: Co. L (July 16,1861); captured, May 12,1864, at Spotsylvania; paroled at Elmira Prison, N.Y., June 19,1865;  6'3", gray eyes, dark hair, florid complexion.

LINKOUS, GORDON P.: Co. G (May 1,1864); born Jan. 16,1825; surrendered, Apr. 9,1865, at Appomattox; died Dec. 12, 1903. Burled In Blacksburg.

LINKOUS, JAMES PRESTON: Co. E (Apr. 18,1861); 18; farmer; AWOL: Dec, 1862-Feb. 9,1863; wounded slightly In knee, July 3,1863, at Gettysburg; wounded in right thigh and captured, Apr. 3,1865, near Petersburg; died June 16,1865, In Petersburg.

LINKOUS, JOHN ALLAN: Co. C (Mar. 20,1864); captured, May 5,1864, at the Wilderness; Oct. 11,1864: departed Point Lookout Prison, Md., for exchange but died Oct. 13 at Port Royal, S.C.

LINKOUS, JOHN H.: Co. L (July 20,1861); 20; farmer; hospitalized in Mar., 1862, because of "injury to knee joint;" Mar. 27,1863: discharged from service because of chronic arthritis; 5' 6", gray eyes, light hair, fair complexion.

LINKOUS, JOSEPH PRICE: Co. L (July 16,1861); born Sept. 19,1832; 2nd Sgt. from muster until Apr. 23,1862, demotion; present through at least Apr., 1864; died July 21,1893. Buried in Christiansburg.

LINKOUS, WHEELER F.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 24; distiller; Jan.-Feb., 1862: on detached duty In Winchester; trfd., Oct. 14,1862, to the 14th Virginia Cavalry.

LOCKETT, HIGGENSON H.: Co. A (Apr. 24,1861); 22; constable; July 21,1861: wounded at First Manassas; hospitalized In Oct., 1881; discharged from service, Dec 18,1861, because of disability.

LOCKETT, SAMUEL D.: Co. A (Apr. 24,1861); 27; merchant; apptd. Cpl., July 3,1862, and Sgt., Oct. 1,1862; elected 1st Lt. In 22nd Virginia Cavalry in Oct., 1863.

LOGAN, JAMES P.: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 20; farmer; 2nd Lt. at muster; killed at First Manassas, July 21, 1861.

LOGAN, JOHN: Co. I (Oct. 23,1864); absent In hospital as of Jan. 6,1865.

LOGAN, NATHANIEL B.: Co. I (June 8,1861); from Botetourt County; 18; student; detailed as clerk, Mar. 6,1862; sent on special service, Oct. 14,1862; leg amputated, Apr. 3,1865, after being wounded in action near Petersburg; died Apr. 6 from effects of wound.

LOGAN, S.B.: Co. I (Mar. 7,1862); never reported for duty; "absent sick without leave."

LOHR, WILLIAM: Co. B (Apr. 16,1862); mortally wounded In groin and thigh, Aug. 28,1862, at Groveton.

LONG, BYRON: Co. I (Mar. 20,1862); captured, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; exchanged at Point Lookout Prison, Md., Mar. 17,1864; captured at Hatcher's Run, Feb. 6,1865; at Point Lookout until June 28,1865, parole; 5' 4 ½”   blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion.

LORTON, ROBERT: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 48; laborer; detailed as wagoneer, Sept. 17,1861; discharged from service In Apr., 1862.

LORTON, THOMAS: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 21; laborer, detailed as a teamster in Nov., 1861; AWOL as of Sept. 12,1862; returned to duty and again detailed as a teamster, Dec. 9,1862; surrendered at Appomattox, Apr. 9,1865.

LOWE, LEVI A.: Co. E (May 27,1861); deserted, June 1,1862; returned to regiment, Jan. 27,1864, after having served In the 36th Virginia; May 12,1864: captured at Spotsylvania; paroled at Elmira Prison, N.Y., June 19,1865;  5 '9", gray eyes, light hair, sallow complexion.

LOWMAN, JOHN JOSEPH: Co. C (Jan. 10,1864); born In 1827; farmer; captured at Spotsylvania, May 12,1864; exchang­ed, Sept. 18, but died Oct. 2, 1864, at Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, of "Phth. Pulmonalis." Burled In Pulaski County.

LUCAS, JAMES A.: Co. G (Apr. 17, 1861); 24; farmer; captured, Mar. 23,1862, at Kernstown; exchanged, Aug. 5, 1862; acting ordnance sgt., Feb. 16-Sept. 30,1863; wounded In right elbow, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; died of complications, Jan. 5,1864, at Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond; 6' 1”, gray eyes, light hair, fair complexion. Burled near Christiansburg.

LUMPKINS, THOMAS: Co. B (Apr. 18,1861); 22; painter, died in hospital at Martinsburg, W. Va., June 30,1861.

LUNDY, AARON T.: Co. F (Apr. 24,1861); 21; farmer; Feb., 1863: sent to work on Richmond breastworks; deserted In Rich­mond in Feb., 1865.

LUNSFORD, WILLIAM: Co. I (Apr. 12,1882); discharged from service, July 24,1862.

LUSTER, ACHILLES W.: Co. E (Mar. 12,1882); born Aug. 14,1828; elected Cpl., Apr. 22,1862; detailed as Ordnance Sgt., Sept. 28,1863; assigned, Apr. 2,1884, as provost guard at Lynchburg; died Jan. 11,1916. Buried in Blacksburg.

LYE, VINCENT: Co. C (Mar. 29, 1862); present until May 3, 1863, when he deserted to the enemy; paroled, May 4, 1863.

LYLE, JOHN NEWTON: Co. I (June 2,1861); 21; student; 1st Lt. at muster; captured at Kernstown, Mar. 23,1862; exchang­ed, Aug. 5, 1862; then joined the 19th Virginia Cavalry; apptd. Adjutant of that regiment in Jan., 1865; died in Waco, Tex.

LYLE, SAMUEL HARRISON: Co. I (June 2,1861); born Aug. 22,1840; student; apptd. Sgt., Sept. 13,1861; elected 2nd Lt., Apr. 14,1862; promoted to 1st Lt., Aug. 30,1862; slightly wounded, Nov. 27,1863, at Payne's Farm; captured, May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania; June 15,1865: paroled at Fort Delaware Prison, Del.; 5' 11", gray eyes, light hair, light complex­ion; died May 17, 1898. Buried at Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church, Rockbridge County.

LYON, GEORGE A.W.: Co. C (Apr. 17, 1861); 24; wagoner; present through Feb. 28, 1862; later joined the 7th Virginia Cavalry.

LYON, JAMES L.: Co. C (Apr. 17,1861); 20; wagon-maker; captured at the Wilderness, May 5,1864; exchanged, Nov. 1,1864 at Point Lookout Prison, Md.

LYONS, AZARIAH: Co. F (Apr. 24, 1861); born Mar. 20, 1823; farmer; discharged from service, July 27, 1862, as a non-conscript; died in 1906. Buried in Fries.

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